Fully Funded English Masters Programs

International students can apply for a fully funded english masters programs. The Professor Barbara Raw Masters English Scholarship at Royal Holloway University of London is now accepting applications from deserving students who have demonstrated an interest in the language.These masters programs are graduate degrees that provide students with a stipend in addition to tuition reimbursement.

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Usually, the student receives this financial aid in return for helping the institution with research or teaching. As a result, students are able to concentrate on their studies and research without having to worry about money because they are receiving free education and financial support.

List of Colleges Offering Courses

English Department, University of California, Berkeley 

This program offers a fully financed MA in English that includes a living stipend in addition to tuition reimbursement. Undergraduate courses are taught by students, giving them invaluable teaching experience.Berkeley Connect aims to do two things: first, it will assist English Department declared majors as well as undeclared or transfer students who are thinking about majoring in the subject; second, it will support six graduate students who are Berkeley Connect Fellows with tuition and fellowships.

 University of Michigan

The English program at the University of Michigan’s Department of English Language and Literature is fully supported, covering both tuition and a stipend. Students can also obtain professional development programs and research funding.A financial package is given to each student accepted into an English program.  These financing packages usually include a mix of graduate student instructorships and fellowships.  

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s Department of English offers an MA in English that includes both tuition and a stipend. Undergraduate courses are taught by students, giving them invaluable teaching experience.The cost of education is one of the most significant considerations when thinking about a master’s degree. Fortunately, there are several of ways for students to get funding for their master’s degree. 

Case Western Reserve University

The English Department pledges to pay for each admitted student and to only accept those whose financial needs can be met. Financial support is provided through Graduate Assistantship. MA students are fully funded for two years, with a $14,000 stipend in addition to full tuition. The Graduate Alumni Fund was established by alumni donations at first, and it helps cover conference and symposium costs as well as travel fees for students conducting research in collections. Additionally, it offers financial aid to students attending the yearly Modern Language Association convention in order to attend job-market interviews.

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Lexington, Kentucky’s University of Kentucky

A fully financed two-year master’s program in English is offered by the University of Kentucky, located in Lexington, KY. A comprehensive education in literature, language, and theory is offered by the English MA program.

The adaptable program is made to accommodate the academic and career requirements of a variety of students, including teachers and professionals in the area who want to pursue the terminal MA and researchers who intend to continue on to the PhD program. The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies (WRD) offers teaching assistantships to MA students in exchange for a salary, complete tuition reimbursement, and student health insurance. 

University of Idaho (Moscow, ID)

The Moscow, Idaho-based University of Idaho provides a fully financed two-year master’s program in English. Enroll in classes covering language, literature, writing, rhetoric, and other subjects to get ready for a career as a PhD candidate or college English teacher. There are two options for this program: thesis or non-thesis. Full-fledged teaching assistantships are available to graduate students. TAs teach a 2-1 course load, receive significant instructional assistance from our Director of First-Year Composition and staff, and are exempt from both in-state and out-of-state tuition fees. For graduate students, the English Department provides three significant scholarships. Early application is required for international students.

University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)

A fully financed master’s degree in English is available from the University of Louisville, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Advanced instruction in literary studies is provided by the English MA program, which also includes courses in professional writing, rhetoric and composition, and creative writing.

Our curriculum equips students to pursue Ph.D. programs in literary studies, composition and rhetoric, creative writing, cultural studies, and allied areas. The department grants its best M.A. candidates up to ten Graduate Teaching Assistantships annually. GTAships are 10-month programs that provide tuition remission, insurance, and a stipend to M.A. students.

Maine University

The Orono, ME-based University of Maine provides a fully financed master’s program in English. As they delve into the numerous areas of English studies, MA applicants should anticipate that their growth will take them in many and perhaps surprising ways. Candidates for an MA in English often have to write creative assignment sequences, edit short stories, and prepare technical documentation.

Graduate teaching assistantships are awarded to the majority of our financed M.A. students. For the nine-month academic year, they earn stipends of about $16,000 (fall 2022) in addition to tuition reimbursement for each semester and for six credits during the two summers they are enrolled in the program.

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How to apply

Depending on the university and program, different applications may be required for MA in English.

To begin with, choose fully-funded english master’s programs that suit your objectives and areas of interest. Seek for courses that provide complete funding, which includes paying for both tuition and living expenses. Researching programs, preparing application documents, fulfilling prerequisites, submitting your application, and following up with the program are all part of the application process for fully-funded English MA programs. To guarantee that you submit a solid application on time, make sure you thoroughly study the application criteria and deadlines for each program.


International students have access to several master’s programs in English that are fully supported. Typically, these programs offer teaching or research assistantships in exchange for stipends and tuition reimbursement. When selecting a program, students had to take into account the kind of funding, the duration of funding, and the prerequisites for funding. 

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