Levitt Comninos Carlotti Foundation Scholarship

Levitt Comninos Carlotti Foundation Scholarship is an organization that has a mission to make college scholarships for high school students. This organization is fully funded by the foundation and students who want to pursue this are very excited to avail this scholarship. Students who are not financially strong enough to get the education, be ready to apply for this scholarship program. Scholarship programs have different facilities for their students who want to study in a relaxed environment.

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About Levitt combines Carlotta Foundation Scholarship:

This foundation is basically for terminally ill or deceased parents, who are willing to educate their young adults. Most of the time they ask them to fill in a survey form to identify the applicants. Each candidate demonstrates their personal and financial needs. The LCC Foundation is raised to educate those candidates who are facing financial problems and want to study. So people are finding a way to get the application for this scholarship so that they can enroll in it. The Scholarship is provided with great opportunities for their candidates.

Deadline for scholarship:

The scholarship has a time duration for application submission. It provides students with knowledge related to the foundation and deadline. So this year the session for application will start in the starting of 2024 and will be open for 2 months’ time period. So don’t miss the date and submit your application with all the documents before the date.

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Eligibility for Levitt Comninos Foundation:

Most of the foundations have a list of candidates who have already applied for the scholarship program. These candidates keep on trying their luck. But there are some rules and regulations that need to be taken care of. To get eligible for the scholarship program is necessary as it shows the educational interest in it. Here we will discuss some of the points that need to be remembered.

  • The student must have their original transcript copy.
  • All documents must be signed and stamped by the previous department.
  • The application can be downloaded online or you can visit the branch for the application.
  • There should be a GPA of 3.0 for application acceptance.
  • The student’s academic record should be good enough to be selected.
  • This program is fully funded with all the allowances like Tuition fees.
  • Also, Medical and travel insurance is included in the scholarship program.
  • Usually, most of the students get an option to select their own choice of subject with the proper time duration.

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The Levitt Comninos Carlotti Foundation Scholarship is a unique platform for students who are having financial aid issues. And to resolve issues, this foundation has been initiated so that students can pursue their specific fields. The main candidates are those whose parents are deceased or terminally ill and they can’t afford to pay the fees. So this platform is for those who have the mindset to study ahead with all allowances included. Most of them have the subject selection option and that provides them an easy way of studying. 

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