‏‏The Coolidge Scholarship 

About John Calvin Coolidge

Elevate your education with the Coolidge Scholarship today. “On July 4, 1872, John Coolidge and Victoria Moor Coolidge welcomed their son John Calvin Coolidge into the world in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. This family was one of the most respectable families in Vermont.  

Sarah Almeda Brewer Coolidge, John Calvin’s grandmother, helped raise Coolidge after his mother died unexpectedly in 1885.

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Coolidge began his legal and political career in Northampton and went through the ranks of Massachusetts state politics to become governor. After some time Coolidge was elected vice president of the United States in 1920 and then elected president in 1924.

‎Coolidge Scholars Program honors John Calvin and The Coolidge Virtual Library, operated by the Coolidge Foundation, houses a large collection of Coolidge resources and research.

Scholarship Overview 

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annual, full-ride presidential scholarship that pays for a student’s tuition, lodging, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. Recipients may utilize the Coolidge at any recognized American institution or university. This non-partisan, need-blind initiative is open to students from all backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Coolidge Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicants for the Coolidge Scholarship 2024 must intend to enroll full-time as an undergraduate at an approved institution or university in the United States for the first time in the fall of 2025.
  • Students must be citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States of America. 
  • Students who are willing to apply for this scholarship must not be immediate family members of any current employees or trustees of the Coolidge Scholars Program or the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.

How To Apply For ‎the Coolidge Scholars Program

  • Students who want to apply for the ‎Coolidge Scholars Program can go to the official website.
  • Create an account or log in.
  • Fill out the form and follow the procedure carefully.
  • Students must have to write THREE essays.

Selection Criteria

  • ‎Coolidge Scholars Program selection criteria are based on good academics.
  • If we talk about the Coolidge Scholarship acceptance rate then we can say, that three or four students are chosen for the award every year, and 100 of the best candidates become Coolidge Senators.

‎Coolidge Scholars Program Reward 

Students who will get selected for ‎the Coolidge Scholars Program will receive $30,000.


Coolidge Scholarship deadline is Thursday, January 18, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. All application documents, including letters of reference, must be submitted before the deadline.

All students will be notified of their results. Students can view their results by logging into their application portal. Students who are finalists will be contacted by phone and invited to the Finalist Interview Weekend, which will be held in Woodstock, Vermont, and historic Plymouth Notch, Vermont. The best news for students is that The Coolidge Foundation will cover the costs of airfare and housing for all finalists and one parent attending Finalist Weekend.

Whom To Contact:

Students can contact the officials directly by using the following details:

Phone: 202-827-4291

Email: CoolidgeScholars@CoolidgeFoundation.org

Address: Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 97 Plymouth, Vermont 05056

Contact Person: Rob Hammer – Director, Coolidge Scholarship

Website: https://coolidgescholars.org/apply/

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People also ask:

  • What is the Coolidge scholarship?

The Coolidge Scholarship is an annual, full-ride presidential scholarship that pays for a student’s tuition, lodging, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. This one-of-a-kind scholarship can be applied to any accredited institution or university in the United States.

  • How many essays for the Coolidge Scholarship?

The Coolidge Scholarship application contains three essays. Essays 2 and 3 both require reading about John Calvin Coolidge and his life.

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