Empowered to Serve Scholars Program

The Empowered to Serve Scholars Program is an award-based Scholarship which is for undergraduate degree types. In this scholarship, candidates volunteer in their communities for educational and health expenses. In this, Scholars give time to their community members, who need all the facilities related to the educational field also.

Which includes all the requirements like education, job opportunities, accommodation, food security, and health disparities. This scholarship program is called the Empowered Scholarship program because it gives a vision to the people and also empowers them to serve business accelerators. It covers all the basic needs of the candidates who want to get enrolled in the scholarship program.

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More About The Empowered Scholar Program. 

Empowered Scholars programs are for those students who want to get enrolled in any undergraduate degree program. For that, the candidate must be currently in a U.S. college or university. Also includes undocumented students who are linked with the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals Program.

Benefits of the Empowered Scholars program:

The Empowered Scholars program is an opportunity for undergraduate students. This program is also for those who want to innovate their social element of volunteer work and to help those who want to get the educational allowances for the scholarship.

Financial Aid:

This year selective students will be awarded $5000 for their educational and health expenses. In addition, Empowered Scholars has financial aid from the American Heart Association. This organization wants students to be focused on their educational and other allowance needs. The Empowered Scholars organization invited the American Heart Association scholars in 2018 to discuss the important points related to scholarship. After discussion over $200k scholarships have been given by the AHA. Currently, more than 30 scholars representing different colleges and universities benefited from Empowered Scholars.

Eligibility of the Empowered Scholars Serve Program:

The Empowered Scholars Serve Program requirements are based on the candidate’s academic records. In this, the eligibility check is there and it applies for the scholarship and the process that has to proceed. This scholarship program is currently available for college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who want to promote the efforts of the scholars who are taking part in allowances. Let’s discuss the eligibility of the Empowered Scholars program:

  • The student’s GPA must be more than 3.0 or higher.
  • The scholars will accept those applicants who have majors like public health, volunteering at local health clinics, or fundraising for a cause or more.
  • This is open for undergraduate students who are in the college/university.
  • The students must have all the documents.
  • Candidates must be U.S. citizens.

Process of Application:

The Empowered To Serve Scholars Program is a great scholarship for all undergraduate students. Here we will see what is the process of application submission:

  • The scholars program application is now available on the website.
  • The application must be in proper bold writing.
  • All the documents must be attested by the university departments. 
  • There should be an essay of 500 words regarding the scholarship program which needs to be checked and selected for admission.
  • Students must submit their application before the deadline.

Deadline of the scholarship program:

Applications are available on the website and the Deadline for applying is March 31, 2024. Before this date, students can apply and get enrolled.

Phone, email, and college Address:

The Empowered to Serve Scholars program was also available in 2021. Now the main details are being separated as a list:

Phone: 214-734-4076


Address: 7272 Greenville Ave Dallas, TX 75231

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The Empowered Scholars Serve program is to help those who are passionate about candidates’ health and equity. Also, the HBCU scholars empowerment program is an example for the candidates. This program wants to serve scholars in a college scholarship program so that students can study in a well-mannered way. In this students will also be awarded with some money so that the motivation level of the scholars must be appreciated. This scholarship program was created to empower the young leaders of their communities and to become agents for other people who need help.

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