National Candy Technologists Scholarship

The goal of AACT, is to introduce a collective of independent technologists, educators, and other experts for the development of the confectionary business, is to support individuals who are keen to enter and want to have a career within this field. Discover the sweetest path to success with the National Candy Technologists Scholarship, empowering aspiring candy technologists to pursue their dreams.

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Moreover, since its founding and up to the present, the National Candy Technologists Scholarship has awarded various prizes and scholarships to help people who cannot afford or do not have the financial means to pursue further study in the field of confectionery technology.

Eligibility Criteria

There are a lot of requirements for this scholarship, which must be completed to be awarded.

  • Students must be second-year in college.
  • Students need to show a desire to learn candy technology.
  • The national Candy Technologists Scholarship Program is designed for students who are at present enrolled in a four-year postsecondary program at North American University.
  • It is an annual scholarship program. This is a nonrenewable scholarship. Students are eligible to apply every year.
  • There are a lot of requirements for this scholarship, which must be completed to be awarded.
  • Students must enroll in a four-year, reputable college or university in North America.
  • Students should have a major in food science, chemical science, biological science, or a field that is close and relevant.
  • Students’ GPA should not be less than 3.0.

Date of Submission

  • On March 25th, 2024, students who would like to apply can fill out the form for the Scholarship.
  • Students must go to the official website and print out the form. Attach all the documents that are required and dispatch them to the given address.
  • These applications will determine the potential of the candidates. Students who will get the selection call will then be requested to submit a letter of reference to decide who will get the National Candy Technologists Scholarship.

National Candy Technologists Scholarship Reward:

Students who will successfully get the scholarship will be awarded $2,500.

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Students who want to apply for the Scholarship are advised to print out the form and fill in all the information as well as attach requirements and send it before March 25, 2024.

Whom To Contact:

  • Phone: 1 (920) 295-6959
  • Fax: 1 (920) 295-6843
  • Email:
  • Address: 711 W Water St PO Box 266 Princeton, WI 54968
  • Website:

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