GK Tanabe Student Scholarship

The largest barrier to a college education for many students is money. By offering scholarships to worthy students of all ages for graduate or college education, the GK Tanabe student scholarship Program seeks to assist in removing this barrier. Since the program’s inception in 2001, scholarships have been given out to students to assist with the cost of attending school. Since the GK Tanabe student scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit, financial necessity is not taken into account.

An impartial group of judges chooses the winner, with the quality of the personal statement provided being the main criterion. Previous educational accomplishments (such as marks and results on standardized tests) are not taken into account. A merit-based initiative called the GK Tanabe student scholarship assists students in realizing their aspirations of pursuing higher education. The initiative is made possible by the generous generosity of most popular education writers Gen and Kelly Tanabe, in honor of whom the award is named.

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The objective is to level up the competition so that students are neither disadvantaged nor given an advantage because of their financial state or academic situation, and they have total influence over their applications. The scholarship program bears the names of the award-winning writers of fourteen books on entrance and GK Tanabe student scholarship. The Tanabe family, when combined, was admitted to every Ivy League school and received over $100,000 in merit-based financial aid, allowing them to graduate debt-free from Harvard.


  • A legitimate American resident.
  • All students in grades 9 through 12 in their high school, college, or graduate school—including home schooled and adult learners—are eligible to apply for the award.
  • Currently enrolled in school or intending to go on to graduate or college studies.

Choice and Honor

The committee that selects the winners mostly considers the personal statement that was submitted. The first-place prize is a scholarship of $1,000. Twice a year, the GK Tanabe Student Scholarship applications are accepted; three students are chosen for each session. The sole criteria used to evaluate the applicants is their essay submission; past academic performance and financial necessity are not taken into account. This gives every qualifying student an equal chance to earn the prize. The scholarship can be applied to compulsory fees, accommodation and board, tuition for university or postgraduate studies, or any other educational expenditure.

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Every year, July 31 and December 31 are the deadlines.

Applications submitted online solely will be considered.

How to apply

Generally speaking, your chances of being awarded a scholarship are increased when you apply to several. Write an essay of 250 words and submit it to the official website.

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In summary, by eliminating financial barriers, the GK Tanabe Student Scholarship Program serves as a light of hope for those who want to pursue higher education. This merit-based program, which was started in 2001 and is supported by the kind donations of well-known education authors Gen and Kelly Tanabe, has given scholarships to students only on the basis of merit, with a focus on the level of the personal statement that was given.

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