WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship

Wcej Thornton Foundation Scholarship is organized for a non-profit corporation and provides a one-year educational scholarship for young females. This foundation sends information to the public high schools within the states and the requirements that are shown below. Therefore, this Scholarship is a great part for every student. Students get all the allowances like stationary, and funds for accommodation, all fees are fully funded by the Universities.

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About the WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship:

 WCEJ Thornton Foundation scholarship is used to contribute to students who want stationary allowances and want to avail of the funds-related facilities. Therefore all the documents must be provided with the application that has to be submitted. If documents are incomplete then they will not be considered. The original application must be with the school’s guidance counselor. In addition, people who are applying for full scholarships should not apply for them. With this link, all the finalists will be notified regarding the award ceremony.

Eligibility of students:

Students from all over the world are allowed to apply but mainly the African students who want to pursue their studies and want their best career ahead. Most of the students are from African-American/black, Caribbean-American, Native American, and Asian American. All are the ones who are from all over the world.

Priority Academic Record: 

  • Wcej Thornton Foundation Scholarship requires some academic records so that the students can maintain that score and move towards the next level. The high school’s average grade is 3.0 GPA and it has to be maintained for further enrollment. Here are some tips that need to be taken care of.
  • An official transcript of the student.
  • The GPA must be 3.0 or above.
  • A letter of recommendation from faculty.
  • In the letter, it must be notified of the capacity of the student.
  • The letter must be signed and sealed with the author’s signature.

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Personal statement section of the application form:

In this, you need to write some points which will be discussed as follows:

  • A complete essay of 500 words related to your family background and some financial hardships that you have faced.
  • Also academic records and details of extracurricular activities.
  • A passport-size photograph should also be attached to the application.
  • The certificate from college for the acceptance of the university.
  • The verification is required because a scholarship will be provided on behalf of that.
  • Any of the candidates who haven’t completed the first year of college will be reimbursed the money.
  • After getting the final call from the trustees the students will be called for an interview. That will assure the selection of their scholarship. Either they are selected or not.

WCEJ Thornton scholarship related to education:

If we talk about dreams then WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship lives in every student’s dream. Every student deserves a high-quality education but there are some limits of economic state which is a common barrier in educational opportunities across the country. At young ages, the students have to make tough decisions related to educational fields. Less than 15% of students receive bachelor’s degrees within the time duration of 8 years.

More details related to scholarship:

Mostly students who have good academic records are selected for the Scholarship. Therefore, they get all the financial assistance from the foundation and pursue their educational dreams.

How to apply for the scholarship:

There are certainrules to apply for the scholarship. If you apply for the scholarship then you have to get enrolled in your current Educational field. You can select any subject you want and get a proper degree in it. Also, you have to write a note related to the achievements that you have earned and what is expected from you in the future related to achievement.

Creative mindset of students:

The contributions of the artist are formed in the background of the culture and the opportunities are gained with the leadership qualities of the scholarships.The WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship thinks that it is critical to support the creative ambitions of the students. But every aim is planned within the community.

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Support of the WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship:

The selection of the program is a bit different. Mainly the award for showing individual interest in higher education. Also to make preference to the major arts and subjects that are selected. Therefore, many of the students submit their creative minds in innovative ways. In addition after submission, the samples will be shown to the other students. To motivate them in the creation of artwork and other interesting work. The students who are ambitious and strong in their careers make a life of scholarship.

Importance Of Foundation:

The foundation is always helpful for people who want to aim at any target in their lives. People donate in different forms some help in the form of money some in the form of education and some in the form of food. The Wcej Thornton Foundation scholarship is the same as other scholarships. Therefore, these foundations are always there to make the students’ dreams successful. 

Submission of Application:

The application of the scholarship is always a task to do. Therefore the documents need to be in a proper file and with this we need to be careful with the deadline also. They are always beneficial for the students who are applying for it.

  • A full introduction in detail.
  • The degree level that you want to select
  • From which African city or country do you belong?
  • Your dream is to select a subject of your own.
  •  Some questions that trick your mind related to scholarship. 
  • Also, the previous school transcript will be included in it. It is used for the assurance of the scholarship.


WCEJ Thornton Foundation Scholarship requirements 2023 are always a task for people around the world. Students need to be very careful about all the procedures that have to be done. Scholarships for colleges make an easy task for African students as well as for normal students. So this scholarship is different from other Scholarship programs that need to be followed.

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