Naija Nation Legacy Foundation Scholarship

Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship is the one that supports education as a right for humans. This foundation provides opportunities to the students by creating support for their members. Also, this guides how to apply for the Naija Nation Legacy Scholarship. A fact, many other scholarships like the Black Art Scholarship is also the one that supports African people.

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About Naija Nation Scholarship:

This Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship was founded by Nigerians. The main aim of the Africans was to serve their people with great education. Therefore, the community supports their people to achieve their educational dreams and start their scholarship program with this. In addition, the main target in coming years will be to educate and reward the people with higher education and to motivate those who are passionate about their careers.

Naija Nation Foundation Scholarship:

Education has always been a great initiative for students. Therefore, this year the foundation is rewarding three scholarships $1000,$750, and $500. These are the budgets that are set to be given to the students.

Eligibility Of Naija Nation Scholarship:

The Naija Nation Foundation Scholarship comprises African heritage with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. The students who have achieved the level of the scholarship that is eligible will gain the educational facilities. Therefore, the applications should be submitted as soon as possible. So that we could make a list of students who have applied.

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Application Submission:

The application should be submitted with proper documents. Also, the Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship deadline should be met. The following documents will be needed for the application:

  • A brief introduction of yourself
  • The level of education that you want to select.
  • Which African tribe field you are from.
  • Also, you need to mention the field which you studied.
  • The passion related to your dream should be focused
  • Last but not least a tricky question would be asked related to the scholarship.
  • The unofficial transcript will be included from the previous school or university for the assurance of the scholarship.

Some tips regarding Application Submission:

Every application has different forms. Some submit through written form and some submit in video form. Here we will discuss some tips related to video application submission. That plays an important role in preparing the form.

  • The video application must be not more than 5 minutes.
  • Speaking and usage of hands and shoulders must be proper so that the video can be in the correct frame.
  • The background of the environment must be clear and visible so that it could be free from distraction and the picture is good to see.
  • The video frame must be horizontal.
  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo with a direct link to the scholarship form.

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Forms of successful scholarship application:

Some forms of scholarships need to be taken care of for applications. Like the Black Foundation scholarship, it’s the most selective foundation for the students. Here we will list down the points for the application:

  • The application should be crafted in a balanced way
  • The academic achievements including all the extracurricular activities, future aims, and personal Interests should also be mentioned.
  • The application should be according to the organisation’s requirements.
  • With a link to this, it will be known how balanced you are and how focused you get on your goals and mission.
  • Must work harder to maintain a 3.0 GPA. It’s very important to qualify for the scholarship with the academic records.
  • Must pay attention to the materials that have to be forwarded. The video and essay that is written must be rechecked with feedback given on it.
  • You must do your best to make your application a higher rank.
  • Students need to apply again and again if they are not getting selected. That will increase the chances of getting more of the applications and your name will be seen again and again.
  • Be confident and show your skills, qualities, and experiences that have made a difference in you. This is your true strength.

A connection with Naija Nation:

The connection of Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship is growing vast and the community of the Black people is growing. This means that they feel comfortable with their own culture, art, food, and traditions. Therefore, students think very carefully and select their field. As their people are ready to help them and to support them in every way. The connection of their own culture is very important to study or to get the scholarship.

Importance Of Foundation:

A foundation is a platform where people donate their money for any good purpose, like education, food, or any of the needs. But this foundation, Naija Nation Legacy Foundation, is good for supporting education for students who want to get a career-oriented life. This foundation changes the lives of students as they get very relaxed related to their education expenses.

More About the Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship:

This platform is dedicated to Nigerian students. Many students wait for this scholarship and make their dreams come true. The main mission of this foundation is to make a digital space for its country members so that everyone gets educated and takes their country to the next level of success. Together they can change their lives and others’ lives too. Therefore, education on scholarship has always been an advantage for them. And the people have always helped in the educational field. So they call themselves the Naija Nation.


The Naija Nation Legacy Foundation scholarship means a lot to their cultural students. The country Nigeria makes its people confident enough to manage all the things smoothly. Different scholarships are there for Africans like black performing arts scholarships and, the Naija Nation Scholarship, etc, that depend upon the students which one they want to choose. In that case, they need to maintain good academic records so that students can make their own selected subjects. Most of the students of Africa work very hard to grab this scholarship and get all the allowances that are included in it.

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