Tobener Ravenscroft Student Scholarship

Individuals who are enrolled in their first year of college or who plan to enroll in their first year of college in September of the next academic year are eligible to apply for Tobener Ravenscroft student scholarship of $1,000. Our tenant rights legal practice is dedicated to protecting everyone’s right to decent and safe housing. We acknowledge that there are several components to housing security, and one of those components is equitable education.

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Since 2001, Tobener Ravenscroft LLP has fought for renters’ rights to justice. Over 10,000 tenants who experienced hazardous homes, unfair evictions, and landlord harassment have received our assistance. Although there is a lot of landlord misbehavior in the bay area surrounding San Francisco and other big cities, housing security is a nationwide problem.

Communities just cannot thrive in the lack of safe and affordable housing options. We think that no one ought to be permitted to forcibly remove someone from their home, that all people deserve an essential right to live in their homes in peace, and that everyone has the right to a home that is both safe and livable. These beliefs form the foundation of our work in assets justice.


  • We welcome scholarship applicants who have a strong commitment to social justice and who want to utilize their education to protect the rights of those with limited resources.
  • Students who have personally struggled to afford safe housing and other essentials are well positioned to come up with creative solutions to significant problems facing the community. If this describes you, please make sure to include an overview of the event in your brief essay.
  • Grade levels that qualify: Senior in high school, Freshman in college
  • All majors are eligible.
  • There is no requirement for residence.
  • Minimum GPA: There is no minimum GPA.

How Do I Apply?

To submit an application for the Tobener Ravenscroft student scholarship:

  • Include an electronic version of your official college-issued calendar or entry letter.
  • Fill out the Scholarship Form online.
  • Write a 300–500 word essay explaining how a personal situation impacted your professional aspirations.

How to Be Eligible

  • In order to receive mail, you must reside in the United States.
  • You have to be enrolling in your first year of higher education in the fall . OR
  • You have to be enrolled in your first year of higher education right now.

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Crucial Dates

  • This scholarship is offered every year.
  • Entries will be considered from January 1 to June 15 of each year.
  • The scholarship is given out every July, when the school year ends.

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In conclusion, first-year college students who are committed to social justice and finding solutions to housing issues stand a good chance of receiving the Tobener Ravenscroft Student Scholarship. The competition is open to high school seniors and freshmen in college. Submissions must be made between January 1 and June 15 of each year, and prizes are given out in July. Tobener Ravenscroft LLP supports individuals who are committed to upholding tenants’ rights and promoting safe housing, which helps to create a community of empowered and culturally engaged people.

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