University Of Lynchburg Scholarships For International Students

Do you want to study internationally because you consider it a wise investment in your professional future, but you are put off by the expense? and seeking scholarships for students from other countries? Relax because the University of Lynchburg scholarships for international students is giving you this opportunity. They offer a range of academic scholarships to suit the requirements of all kinds of students from other countries.

We’ll go through the many available international scholarships, the criteria for making an application, and how to maintain and renew these scholarships for the duration of your studies term in this guide.

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Scholarships for International Students available at the University of Lynchburg

1. International Recognition Scholarship

The International Recognition Scholarship is specifically meant for students who are not living in the United States. The University of Lynchburg created this grant to acknowledge and support overseas students.

Who Can Apply

  • You may still apply even if you are not an American citizen, permanent resident, or native.
  • To be eligible for this prize, you must first book a room on campus.

How Much Fund You Get

  • You can get $28,000 every year as a scholarship.
  • This can keep coming for up to four years.

2. Global Presidential Scholarship

Winners of the Global Presidential Scholarship are extraordinary students with outstanding academic records.

Who can Apply

  • New students (freshmen) and those transferring from another University.
  • Given to students who have a history of doing extremely well in their studies.

How Much Fund You Get

  • You can get $31,000 every year as a scholarship.
  • You can keep getting this money for up to four years.

3. International Transfer Scholarship

The University of Lynchburg values the contributions of transferring students and offers the international Transfer Scholarship as a warm welcome.

Who Can Apply

  • A 2.00 or better educational GPA is required of all students.
  • Scholarships are available to transfer students who have completed at least 12 transfer credits.

How Much Fund You Get

  • This scholarship provides a generous $12,000 to $18,000 annual award to help with the financial burden of transferring students depending on their GPA for all coursework attempted.

4. Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships

For those with a passion for the arts, the University of Lynchburg extends its support through Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships.

Who Can Apply

  • To showcase their talent and contribute to the growing artistic community at the institution, applicants with a proven desire for the arts are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

How Much Fund You Get

  • Talented people in the performing arts, visual arts, and music are given scholarships for up to $3,000.

Application Process

To apply for any of the above scholarships for international students you don’t have to submit an extra application. This all will be done using the documents provided for admission to the university.

This makes it a really easy process to apply for your golden opportunity to change your life.

Where would you live after admission?

If you come from another country, you have to stay in a room on campus. It’s like a rule.

But, if you live close by with your family, it’s okay not to stay on campus. But, if you choose not to stay on campus, they might give you a bit less money for the scholarship.


For overseas students, there is no deadline to apply for any of these awards. You are always welcome to apply for any scholarship, regardless of whether you are a new student (freshman) or have already taken admission.

But keep in mind as early as you apply for a scholarship chances will be greater for you to get one easily.

Renewal Requirements

To continue benefiting from these scholarships for international students, students must maintain a strong academic standing and uphold the standards of excellence set by the University. Different scholarship demands different requirements according to your GPA.

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Create your academic journey successfully at the University of Lynchburg, where these scholarships for international students are not just financial aids but gateways to unlocking your full potential.

The University of Lynchburg has created thousands of thousands of students’ successful stories through their scholarships. You could be the next one so apply for your life to be changed at University of Lynchburg

People Also Ask

Can I receive multiple scholarships?

Yes, you can receive one merit-based scholarship and potentially combine it with need-based aid. However, they have different criteria for international scholarships.

Does keeping my scholarship require me to maintain excellent grades?

Indeed, keeping up a strong academic record is essential for receiving a new scholarship.

What extra possibilities are available to receive financial aid?

Yes, there are many other financial aids available at the University of Lynchburg.

Is the University of Lynchburg a good option?

International students looking for a unique educational experience may find the University of Lynchburg to be a good fit because of its different student’s excellency and academic offerings, and dedication to global education.

Is it possible for me to extend the Global Recognition Scholarship over four years?

No, the Global Recognition Scholarship is renewable for up to four years only. This means you can only enjoy financial support for your entire undergraduate journey.

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