Fully Funded scholarships for international students

After reaching a record high in 2019, the number of foreign students enrolled in American universities began to decline due to the epidemic. However, Open Doors International Scholars Trends predict that this number will almost certainly increase once again. More foreign students attend some colleges than others. Financial difficulties might arise for foreign students enrolled in American universities. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that due to do limitations on student visas, overseas students are either unable to work or are only permitted to work a restricted number of hours on university or in fields connected to their studies. Their financial resources are so limited.

International students may access a wealth of online resources to assist them in their transition to and through American college life through the full funded  scholarships for international students.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

Many master’s programs at Swedish universities will be eligible for full funded scholarships for international students in the fall of 2024 thanks to the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP), a new scholarship program that will replace the Swedish Institute Research Scholarships (SISS). The SI Scholarship for Global Professionals seeks to cultivate future world changers who will support both positive and sustainable development in their own nations and regions as well as the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.Full tuition costs, housing expenses of SEK 12,000 per month, insurance, and a SEK 10,000–15,000 one-time travel award (available exclusively to recipients who do not reside in Sweden) are full funded scholarships for international students.

The scholarship is exclusively given for entirely master’s programs that begin in the fall semester and is meant for one- or two-year programs. Families are not eligible for any further awards. 


To qualify for the SISGP:

  •  You are not need to be a resident of the nation at the time of application.
  • SI scholarships must be available for the master’s programs you are applying to. Programs in specific topic areas are given precedence by the institution based on your citizenship.
  • Work experience must be verified (differences apply to certain areas). 
  • To be eligible for master’s admission, you must be financially able to pay tuition to Swedish institutions, have completed the University Admissions process, paid the registration fee on time, and be accepted. 

Last date: 24th March, 2024

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students

Many foreign students who reside outside the European Economic Area have the chance to study for a Master’s degree at Utrecht University in a variety of subjects courtesy to the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship (UES). The Utrecht Excellence scholarship can be given in the form of tuition costs OR tuition fees plus the needed income, as determined by the Office of Immigration and Naturalization, in order to get a one-year study visa.The full funded scholarships for international students can be renewed for the second year in two-year master’s programs when it is provided for the program’s nominal term.


You have to fulfill the following requirements in order to be qualified for an Utrecht Excellence Scholarship:

  • You have to be in the highest tenth of your class at graduation.
  • You must not be ineligible for funding through the Dutch student grant and loan program, nor possess an EU or EEA passport.
  • You have to have finished a bachelor’s program or high school abroad of the Netherlands.
  • Your application has to have been submitted for a master’s program abroad that meets the requirements and starts on September 1, 2024.

Last date: 1st February ,2024

Chalmers IPOET Scholarships for International Students

With funding from the Swedish Council for Higher Education, Chalmers will provide around 35 IPOET grants to potential fee-paying students in 2023.  a 75% tuition fee decrease for the two-year program (four semesters). Scholarship laureates do not get any money; instead, students who perform well in their first year of study may be eligible for an enhanced scholarship reduction, which pays 85% of the tuition throughout their second and final years of study.In order to apply, you must first register online from October 16, 2023, until January 15, 2024, for at least one of Chalmers’ Master’s programs using the universityadmissions.se website. An application number is given to each candidate, and completing the scholarship application requires having this number. 


  • Nationals of non-EU/EEA nations who must pay money to attend universities in Sweden
  •  Applicants for first-year master’s programs
  • The candidates are chosen according to their relative academic brilliance, which is mostly determined by their weighted average grade, but also by the standing of their home university (including its rating on international rankings lists) and the order in which applications for Chalmers Master’s programs are received.

Last date: 15th January,2024


In conclusion, abroad students can seek after graduate degrees at perceived colleges through various totally funded grant decisions. Complete help is presented by the Swedish Organization Grants for Worldwide Experts (SISGP), which pays for movement costs, lodging expenses, protection, and educational cost. Citizenship, program decision, business skill, and monetary limit are the fundamental variables deciding qualification.

Full funded scholarships for international students prospects that permits them to seek after advanced education and emphatically affect worldwide turn of events. To build their odds of coming out on top, potential candidates ought to painstakingly investigate every grant program’s passing necessities and application due dates.

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