Ibtta Foundation Scholarship Program

The Ibtta Foundation Scholarship Program is the one that makes the scholarship a competitive process that is provided to the students. Students who are selected are awarded $5000 to the undergraduate and graduate students who are working towards a transportation-related degree at the university.

This scholarship program is launched every spring for their students. Tuition assistance and other educational support are being provided by the program. The program has the benefit that it doesn’t take notice of the culture or the religion of the students, therefore these are keeping all the students in the same phase. Mostly the Ibtta Foundation Scholarship Program is opened in February and gets a notice in mid of the year for the students.

About the Ibtta Foundation Scholarship Program:

The Ibtta Foundation is an institution where students do great work of research and educate themselves in different subject fields. This is a charitable concept of the International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association where students of undergraduates and graduates pursue their particular degrees in transportation-related fields. This program is designed by a famous person who lives in America, a scholar who is also a designer and has a lot of potential to educate students from all over the world. The individual programs are determined by the sponsor and the eligible applications are reviewed by the scholarship America’s Evaluation Team.

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Importance of the IBTTA Foundation Scholarship:

There are different scholarship programs like Stem Scholarships 2023 and many other famous scholarships that provide students with great opportunities related to student requirements. So a Scholarship saves your money from different heavy fee structures. Different applicants apply from all over the world but some of them are selected. Most of the students chase the scholarship programs by checking on websites making calls at the college or by in-house updates. With linked to that they apply immediately and wait for the results.


The IBTTA Foundation Scholarship Program 2023 has some requirements for the submission of the application. So these requirements should be filled accurately so that they can be accepted and applicants get enrolled in it. So now let’s discuss the eligibility points for the students:

  • Students must have their transcript from the previous college to attach to the application.
  • The applicants will not pay any single tuition fee as this is fully funded by the management.
  • Students with a current undergraduate who have completed at least 2 full semesters can pursue degrees in the different fields like:
  • Accounts
  • Business Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Information technology
  • Other Transportation-Related Degrees
  • The most important GPA must be more than 3.0 to apply for this scholarship.
  • All the allowances are covered in this scholarship program
  • The students will also be notified of the travel Expenses which will be provided once in a year of the course they have selected.
  • Also, Medical Insurance is included for the students as it’s necessary for any of the fields.

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How to Apply for Ibtta Foundation:

The IBTTA Foundation Scholarship is the main part of the IBTTA Foundation. It helps to raise the money and support the scholarship funds. The annual service project for the applicants makes them utilize a great work of support. There are different scholarships like STEM scholarships for high school students and many more that are helping to have a proper impact on students. Here we will discuss how to apply for the scholarship program:

  • The first point for the application submission is to fill in the form with proper documents attached.
  • There should be a proper letter of interest for the IBTTA Foundation Board.
  • Also, all the documents should be signed and stamped by the previous college so that there should be no reason to reject the application.
  • A short resume with professional experience and relationship of transportation, tolling, and Ibtta.
  • The resume will help in nominating the applicants and will know better about the applicant.
  • Also, download the application from the website to have the form and submit it before the deadline. The last date of the submission is in 2024.
  • The financial support from the scholarship team is good and service from them makes a good feel.

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Deadline for the IBTTA Foundation Scholarship:

The Scholarship has some level of application. So the IBTTA Foundation Scholarship Program deadline makes the applicants active and they submit the applications before the date. This year the IBTTA Foundation Scholarship Program has a full year in 2024. This year you can apply online also in-house applications are accepted. So don’t forget to submit your application and be a part of this wonderful program.


The Ibtta Foundation Scholarship Program requirements are a bit different from other scholarship programs. This scholarship program is the one that makes the applicants think differently and provides a platform related to the transportation field. The organization has support for its applicants whenever they are in need. This scholarship provides all the allowances but in a unique way. So they are eligible for graduate and undergraduate level of degree students.

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