Everylife Foundation Rareis Scholarship Fund

Everylife Foundation Rareis Scholarship Fund is a support for those who are struggling with the diseases and education for them is the priority. Applicants living with rare diseases means managing unique challenges including frequent doctor visits, different treatments, and hospitalizations. Life continues with the disease’s duration and treatment improves the approaches with this foundation. This scholarship program is a great attempt to make their students strong physically and mentally so they can perform well in their lives ahead.

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About Everylife Foundation Rareis Scholarship Fund:

A foundation that has all the opportunities for the students who are studying in this college. Mainly those students who are fighting with the diseases and still want to continue their education. Now in 2024 year, the foundation will provide a one-time award of $5000 in scholarships to 55 rare disease recipients. So it will be necessary for the applicants to fill in the Diagnosis Verification Form with full medical details.

Eligibility of the Everylife Foundation scholarship:

The applicants must enroll full-time or part-time in any of the degree programs. Graduate or undergraduate level at any of the year 2 or 4 years in any of the semesters. The students must take care of the health issues that need to be checked. If you are unsure about the disease then you can refer to the National Institute of Health and also Rare Disease Information Centre.

Requirement of Everylife Foundation Rareis Scholarship Fund:

The students must take care of these rules and regulations of the scholarship fund. Everylife Foundation is a rare scholarship that gives a start to the applicants who are ready to apply for this scholarship. So, here we will discuss some important requirements of the scholarship that need to be taken care of:

  • The applicants must have good academic records of the high school.
  • Applicants must get the Diagnosis Verification form.
  • Students need to attach all the documents of the previous institution.
  • Applicants who have applied get a profile on (the Rareis application) to add all the documents and forms of the student and this selection is done.
  • Students’ transcripts of the college should be attached to the 600-word essay.
  • Any of the applicants from anywhere can apply for this scholarship but there should be proper documentation from the community.
  • If there is any work experience in any of the health or industry then it should also be attached with the form.

Importance of Everylife Foundation:

A person living with rare diseases is facing a lot of daily challenges. To overcome those challenges this scholarship is for those who want to get an education and also good treatment. Living with disorders and obstacles of life makes us feel uncomfortable but this scholarship is always making a comfort level for their students who are affected.

Most people have dreams in their minds to be fulfilled but the barrier that is coming is their medical issues. The people still need a way, so this scholarship is for those who aspire to be a teacher, doctors, lawyers, and artists. A never-ending approach and opportunity for those students who want to be the one of their dreams.

Benefits of Rareis Scholarship Fund:

Many people who are not familiar with the Everylife Foundation Raeis Scholarship Fund should do proper research related to it. These scholarships have always paved the way for students who are struggling with one or the other diseases. So there is a benefit to making a scholarship platform for them: Let’s discuss some of the benefits:

  • The applicants will have all the allowances from the foundation
  • Students must remember to submit their medical records with the application form.
  • The application form will be provided either online or from the college.
  • Also, all the medical expenses will be covered in the scholarship program.
  • Most of the famous scholarships like Addison’s Disease scholarship is one which make students confident.
  • All the travel expenses will also be covered in the scholarship program.
  • Some of the assistance will be provided related to the family.

Deadline of the Scholarship:

Students mostly wait for the submission date for the scholarship program so that they can submit their applications easily. This year The scholarship will start in 2024 and will be for the whole year so that the students who have not got the chance to enroll and need a life for their education can apply.

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The Everylife Foundation Rareis Scholarship fund is making a new way of learning. Students who are applying in the new batch will be filling in their medical details also so that if there is any disease or any medical issues then this program can take care of it. The Diagnosis Verification Form would be filled by the applicants with a medical history of the student. All the applicants must submit their application before March 2024 for better results and process.

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