Craig and Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship

The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship is a platform where this program has partnered with Texas A&M University and this university is providing more than 4 years students of high achievers or you can say undergraduates scholarships. Most of them are those who are recognized as national Merit semi-finalists and major in stem disciplines(science, technology, engineering, or maths) or collectively business. The scholarship was enrolled in 2020 but now it’s named as freshmen and till 2024 it will achieve more through its students.

About Craig and Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship:

In the beginning, the freshmen class was at its peak and everyone wanted to get enrolled in that, so linked to that the Brown Foundation awarded additional graduate scholarships to the students. Also, they are offering unique summer internships for undergraduate students who are studying for 4 years. The Enmed scholarship includes masters in engineering with 4 years duration for the students, Also the Houston Methodist Research Institute gives an internship program for the current and upcoming students. Plus Global Summer Internship and scholarships are also included in the student’s educational field.

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Benefits of the Brown Foundation:

The relationship between the Foundation and the Scholar begins at the time of the initial interview of the experience that has been spent. The websites of both the Platforms, personally and professionally are getting updated based on the applicants that apply for the scholarship programs. Brown scholar graduates can assist the recruiting people who are conducting the interviews making the effort and attending the foundation reunion and other events. The main task to maintain the level for the scholars is the benefits they get from the scholarship program with the enrollment form. The people are paired according to the class of the degree or major as a mentor by the Brown scholar. These mentors serve as leaders and guide them as role models so they can make their confusions clear regarding the program they are initiating.

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Eligibility of Brown Foundation Scholarship:

The eligibility of the scholarship is reviewed by the Texas A&M University Craig and Galen committee. The request to apply to the university must be done when the applicant is available in the country or that city. This also requires an interview after the submission of the application so it’s important to have the availability in that location. Now let’s discuss the eligibility notes that need to be taken care of:

  • The GPA should be 3.5 cumulative and with last semester it should be 3.25 GPA.
  • There should be full enrollment in each semester minimum of 12 hours at Texas University.
  • The annual Brown Foundation dinner takes place after each fall semester on the campus.
  • The eligibility for the Brown scholars of the May Business Honours program is being accepted and also for the Brown Foundation Engineering Honors program is the same as the University of Honors Program.
  • The Brown Scholars Have the eligibility to apply for the Texas A&M champs Fitzhugh. Which is located in Italy and which is valid for the Incoming National Merit Freshman.
  • Also, the Brown scholars have the advantage of the college that they have studied from as they provide an automatic interview to their Medical students but to the selected ones.

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Application Process Details:

The Craig And Galen Foundation is a high-level program that has a proper process of getting the students into the scholarship program. The different degree levels like undergraduate and graduate are being awarded with great applications. The merit-based Students are notified mainly on their campus. Most are engineering students who need the discipline to maintain their education in the field. The application process for the scholarship will be discussed in the following points:

  • The Students need to have their transcript to attach with the application form.
  • The students need to check the website for the latest updates on the scholarship.
  • The applicants have to attach all the important documents with the form so that the application can be accepted and approved.
  • The level of degree selection must be done before the submission so that the preferred subject can be selected easily.
  • All the applications must be filled properly so that the application must not be rejected with any mistake.
  • Mostly all the subjects are eligible for selection.


The Craig And Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship has made a difference in students’ lives as this has been the most influential foundation. The allowances for the students are enough to make their career ahead. The Brown Foundation provides high achievers to the scholarship programs and with that students take admission. Mostly those students who have attended the Texas A&M requirements. This is a prestigious program for all the students who are willing to take admission with all the documents attached to it.

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