How Competitive Is The Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Five hundred students nationwide are selected by state quotas for the Elks Scholarship, which has grant amounts ranging from $1,000 to $12,500 every year and is renewable for four years. Traditionally, the 20 Top Finalists* take part in a paid Leadership Weekend in Chicago, where they interview with the national judges. This literally proves that how competitive is the elks most valuable student scholarship for the people.

These 20 contestants will compete for two $50,000 first-place prizes, two $40,000 second-place prizes, and two $30,000 third-place prizes. The remaining fourteen winners will each get a $20,000 prize. $5,00 in scholarships will be awarded to the 480 runners-up in the fifth position.

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It is not a requirement for applicants to be connected to an Elks member. Must be a citizen of the United States enrolled full-time in an authorized, degree-granting institution or university for a 4-year program. In any given academic year, a student is only eligible to earn one grant or stipend from the Elks National Foundation. A student’s scholarship monies must be paid through an authorized U.S. degree-granting school in order to be used for an overseas educational program. Funds to a third-party program or vendor cannot be issued by us.


  • Should be a secondary school student at this moment.
  • This grant is available to: four-year colleges
  • Americans are eligible for this award.

Application Conditions

  • An application form is necessary.
  • Analyzing financial needs is necessary.
  • Essay is needed.
  • Community Work Necessary.

Scholarship winners

For the first time since 2019, the 2023 Top 20 Most Valuable Student scholars attended an in-person event, the Leadership Weekend, in Chicago from April 13 to April 16. While there, they got to know each other and gained knowledge about the Elks. A team of national judges interviewed the students for two $50,000 college scholarships from the Elks National Foundation, two $40,000 scholarships, and two $30,000 scholarships. $20,000 will be given to Fourteen.


Applications should be submitted by the 15th November each year.

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The Elks National Foundation deserves praise for its dedication to supporting worthy students and creating a feeling of community by offering financial help for school. The Foundation’s commitment to identifying the people behind the nominations is further demonstrated by the scholarship’s emphasis on in-person interviews held during the Leadership Weekend.

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In summary, the Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship is a shining example of opportunity that supports worthy students’ academic endeavors as well as their development as individuals and leadership potential. Notwithstanding obstacles, the Foundation’s dedication to holding in-person events connects the scholarship application process and highlights the value of community and connection in the pursuit of academic greatness.

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