EPFL Summer Internship 2024 In Switzerland Fully Funded

Applications are being acknowledged for the summer camp 2024 EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland. Worldwide students are free to apply for a free summer internship in Switzerland from anyplace in the globe. One of Europe’s generally state of the art specialized and designing universities is Ecole Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL, Government Organization of Innovation in Lausanne).Therefore Explore EPFL summer internship 2024 in Switzerland fully funded and gain valuable experience in cutting-edge research and innovation.

The EPFL internship in Switzerland in 2024 full funded is available to qualified worldwide students chasing after bachelor and graduate degrees in any country. Applications should be submitted on the web. The picked candidates will get the chance to encounter Europe’s late spring and organization with a portion of the world’s most prestigious researchers. All costs will be paid for by the Swiss EPFL internship.

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Areas of study

Global students can acquire insight and advantages from their relevant education by continuing the bachelors and Graduate degrees in

  • Computer science
  • Computer engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical engineering
  • Sciences, engineering
  • Science, and technology
  • Biology, biophysics
  • Chemistry
  • Bio-engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Quantitative biology.


Country of Scholarship: Switzerland

The host institute: EPFL (Université Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Course Level: Master’s and Bachelor’s Programs

Financial Help: Completely Funded

Who Qualifies: Abroad

Cutoff: December 15, 2023

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Advantages of the EPFL Summer Internship Award

Worldwide students are qualified to apply for the EPFL Summer internship in Switzerland, which offers full grants. The following are particulars on the covered costs:

  • Effective candidates will be made up for their movement costs duration month to month living remittance of CHF 1,800, which will be changed as long as necessary. 
  • An amazing instructive encounter the competitive research context is given by the EPFL summer internship, which supports inspiration and expertise improvement.
  • The global cooperation offers a single chance to immerse oneself in a distinct European culture.
  • Members likewise have the opportunity to make significant expert organizations in Switzerland, which might assist with facilitating their vocations.
  • As well as encouraging educational advancement, the EPFL internship permits colleagues to spend through 90 days in Switzerland.
  • Members in the program are additionally acquainted with EPFL’s first class educators, staff, and offices.

Required Documents:

The following paperwork is needed in order to apply for the summer EPFL internship in Switzerland in 2024:

  • The Motivational Letter 
  •  CV 
  • Reference Letters 
  • Leadership Experience Certificate 
  • Valid Passport

Criteria for Eligibility

EPFL Summer internship 2023 also give us idea about selection of the potential candidates. The EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024 is open to students worldwide.

  • European applicants may also submit an application.
  • The candidates have to be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in Bachelor’s (BSc, BTech), Master’s (MSc, MTech), or comparable programs in Telecommunications, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering.
  • PhD candidates are not eligible for the summer 2024 EPFL internship.
  • At the time of application, candidates must be in their second year of their bachelor’s degree or have finished at least the first year.
  • Additionally, candidates for internship, must pass a very demanding screening procedure that is based on their academic standing.
  • Excellent academic standing and accomplishments give precedence to applicants for the Switzerland fellowship. 
  • Only the School of Computer and Communications Sciences is eligible for the EPFL Fellowship.
  • Nonetheless, candidates from a variety of academic backgrounds who have a keen interest in and track record with the program’s subject areas are encouraged to apply.

Procedure for application 

Applying Online for an EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland in 2024 is the first step for interested candidates. It will be advantageous to follow the means recorded below:

  • Applicants must use the admissions website to submit their applications.
  • It is required of candidates to create an account on the platform provided on the official website.
  • Make sure you have permission to add the required documents and private data.


The deadline for international students to apply for the Summer EPFL Internship in Switzerland 2024 is December 15, 2023.

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Candidates will be made up for their movement costs in addition to worldwide students concentrating on Lone wolf’s and Graduate degrees in Software engineering, PC Designing, Media communications, and Electrical Designing, the EPFL Summer Internship in Switzerland 2024 gives a completely upheld opportunity.

As well as taking care of movement costs and giving a month to month living payment, the entry level position offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to review from elite researchers and completely submerge oneself in European culture. The cutoff time for applications is December 15, 2023, so don’t miss this potential chance to propel your profession and acquire helpful experience!

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