UC Merced Continuing Student Scholarship

Georgia College & State University President Dorothy Leland was named the institution’s third chancellor by the Regents in 2011. The $1.3 billion Merced 2020 Project, a public-private collaboration to increase campus living, learning, sports, and retail space, was created and is being directed by her. After Leland departed in 2019, the Merced 2020 Project was finished in the spring of 2020 while Nathan Brostrom, the University of California system’s CFO, served as acting chancellor.UC Merced takes great pride in offering substantial financial assistance for postgraduate study leading to PhD degrees by offering UC merced continuing student scholarship for deserving ones.

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Most of our Ph.D. students get money not just during the academic year but also over the summer, which they may use for living expenses, research, and educational expenses. Additionally, a lot of our programs offer financial assistance for graduate students to attend conferences, professional meetings, and summer schools. While financing for doctorates is given priority, master’s students may occasionally be eligible for the same grant.


Strong graduate and research programs at UC Merced complement excellent undergraduate offerings. More and more, new knowledge depends on interdisciplinary collaboration on problems that go over traditional disciplinary boundaries. Research and discovery across disciplines are encouraged and supported in UC merced continuing student scholarship.

Undergraduate education is strengthened by interdisciplinary research practices, which lay the basis for bridging the gaps between the manner in which various academic fields approach and analyze societal issues. Undergraduates at UC Merced engage in both classroom and non-classroom learning experiences, putting their knowledge into practice via service learning, leadership development, and undergraduate research.

Graduate students prepare for joining the workforce by developing their knowledge of and proficiency in doing independent research in their subject of study as apprentice scholars. Graduates never stop refining their knowledge and practical abilities.


  • Contiune studentof batch 2022-2023
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 is required.
  • Complete the 2021-2022 year


Applications are accepted each year of February 1st .

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How to apply 

When you’re ready, copy your essay replies from a different word processing software to your application. Until you are prepared to finish and submit your application, make sure you preserve any work you have started on your online application. Keep track of any deadlines for submitting applications; any that are saved but not submitted will not be taken into account.Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers to use while completing an application or appeal. Please be aware that using different browsers may cause you to run into certain issues or unexpected outcomes.


Ultimately, the UC merced continuing student scholarship serves as another evidence of the university’s dedication to postgraduate education assistance and the development of a strong research environment. UC Merced has made considerable investments in upgrading campus infrastructure as part of the Merced 2020 Project, headed by Chancellor Dorothy Leland, to provide an engaging living and learning environment.

In addition to helping students financially, the UC merced continuing student scholarship supports the university’s overarching goals of advancing graduate education, fostering interdisciplinary research, and consistently improving the academic and practical skills of its student body.

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