NMU Celebration Of Student Scholarship

Every year, the campus hosts the NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship to honor the scholarly achievements of graduate and undergraduate students across all fields. Students exhibit research posters and give oral presentations that incorporate original writing and artwork as a way of sharing their work with the NMU and Marquette communities. For assistance in organizing their submission, students who are interested in taking part may consult with their academic advisers.

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The chance for young scholars to present their work in a public setting is much valued by this occasion. Our goal is to enhance academic communication while honoring the dedication of NMU students working under the direction of university staff.Every year, the campus hosts the NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship to honor the scholarly achievements of graduate and undergraduate students across all fields. Through research poster displays, audio recordings of oral presentations, innovative written pieces, and artwork submissions, students showcase their work to the NMU and Marquette campuses.


The Annual NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship aims to inform and exhibit to the campus community the exceptional work of students engaged in research, scholarship, creative endeavor, and performance arts. The yearly festival, which began in the spring of 2006, has expanded into a full day of student lectures, exhibitions, and performances from all schools, including Science, Business and Technology, Education, the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


  • Must be written in the past tense (keeping in mind that your work could still be in progress when you submit it).  
  • Steer clear of technical jargon and clarify all acronyms.  
  • referring to “we” instead of “I.”  
  • Please be aware that the title in an abstract submission may only contain 200 characters. The abstract’s body is restricted to 250 words.
  • NMU Printing Services is where you may select to print your poster. Use THIS LINK to accomplish this.
  • Charges $35 (to student IN) 

Click here to visit the Website for more details.

How to apply

Presenting their work as an oral or poster display is recommended for all undergraduate and graduate students, including all Undergraduate Research Fellows, who are collaborating with faculty on any kind of academic project within their field (research, creative creations, community involvement, etc.).

We encourage entries that showcase experiences from undergraduate research, community service, internships, study abroad, and Level UP programs in addition to independent research projects. If you utilize NMU Printing Services before the date mentioned above, you won’t have to pay the $35 price. Higher Love, a Celebration sponsor, will cover the cost of printing for ALL students who turn in poster files to NMU Printing Services by the deadline. 

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In conclusion, NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship serves as a tribute to the creative and intellectual accomplishments of both graduate and undergraduate students. Started in 2006, this exciting event gives students from many fields a chance to present their research, scholarly work, creative projects, and performing arts. The NMU Celebration of Student Scholarship affirms NMU’s dedication to offering a forum for the interchange of ideas, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, and advancing a culture of ongoing learning and development in addition to honoring and celebrating students’ academic achievements.

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