The McKay Scholarship Program

The McKay Scholarship Program, named after Florida Senator McKay, is a state-funded initiative offering students with disabilities.

The McKay Scholarship Program gives the chance to students who have any kind of disability to attend private or public schools of their choice. The McKay Scholarship established in 1999, this program aims to empower families by providing educational options.

In today’s article, we will discuss the key elements of eligibility, the application process, benefits, and deadlines associated with the McKay Scholarship Program.

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Eligibility Criteria The McKay Scholarship Program

  • Students must be U.S. (Florida) residents.
  • Students must have a documented disability.
  • Students must attend a Florida public school with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan.

Application Process For The McKay Scholarship Program

1. Before applying for the Scholarship Program. Students must ensure to meet all criteria.

2. Students must collect residency proof, disability documentation, and educational plans.

3. Students must fill out the McKay Scholarship application.

4. Students must send the application and required documents to the Florida Department of Education.

Rewards and Benefits

Below we have mentioned the top benefits of the Scholarship Program:

  • Access to private or public schools that meet the student’s needs.
  • Education, therapy, and technology support.
  • Students can choose a school based on their preferences.
  • The McKay Scholarship Program assists with tuition and fees.
  • The Florida Department of Education provides ongoing support to those who are in need.


The application deadline, usually in the spring or early summer, varies yearly. Students must prepare all the necessary paperwork prior. For more updates, visit the official website.

People Also Ask:

  • What is the Florida McKay scholarship?

The McKay Scholarship offers Florida students with disabilities a chance to attend a private school with a scholarship or opt for a public school outside their designated zone.

  • What replaced McKay’s scholarship in Florida?

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) program, formerly known as the Gardiner and McKay Scholarship Programs, provides an annual scholarship for parents/guardians of children with specific disabilities, enabling them to better meet their individual needs.

  • What is a McKay?

The Scholarship Program, funded by the state, empowers parents of students with disabilities to select the academic setting that best suits their child’s educational requirements.

  • How much is the Florida McKay scholarship?

The McKay Scholarship amount is not fixed. Each year it changes depending upon the funds but it ranges from $5,500 to up to $22,000 annually. It is also based on the level of the child’s diagnosed disability, as outlined in the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

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Whom To Contact 

  • Phone: 1-800-447-1636
  • Fax: 850-245-0875
  • Email:   Not Available 
  • Address: Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice

Turlington Building – Florida Department of Education 325 W. Gaines Street, Room 1044 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400

  • Website:

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