Swiss Government Scholarship For Master’s

The Federal Commission of Scholarships (FCS) and the Swiss government work together to support the Swiss Scholarship. For swiss government scholarship for master’s all nationalities are welcome to participate. Young physicians and highly skilled postgraduate researchers from various academic disciplines are eligible to apply for this grant.

Post-graduate researchers in any field (a master’s degree is required) who intend to travel to Switzerland for doctoral or post-doctoral research or studies are eligible for the Research Scholarship. Research scholarships are given for study or research at all Swiss cantonal universities, universities of applied sciences, and the two federal institutes of technology.

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List of Swiss government scholarship for master’s

1. One of the most important scholarships given to American students who want to study overseas is the Fulbright Scholarship. Numerous nations, including Switzerland, provide study abroad scholarships under the Fulbright program.

2. Another well-known award available for studies in Switzerland is the Gates Cambridge award. Students from all across the world who exhibit academic brilliance and leadership potential are given Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

3. The Excellence of the Swiss Government Students from any countries who want to study in Switzerland can apply for scholarships. These grants are given out in accordance with academic standing and potential for research.

  1. Scholarships are available for students from Europe who want to study in Switzerland under the Erasmus+ program. Erasmus+ scholarships are available for study at any university and cover living and travel costs.
  2.  German students who want to study overseas can apply for scholarships under the DAAD program. DAAD offers study abroad scholarships to a number of nations, including Switzerland.

Here are some important swiss government scholarships for master’s:

Scholarships for Excellence in EPFL 2024

Applications for the EPFL Excellence scholarships 2024 are at moment being acknowledged from deserving abroad students. The grants can be utilized to sign up for EPFL’s bachelors and graduate degree programs. The grant program plans to carry top notch education to EPFL for study. Full living expenses, health care coverage, educational cost, and a month to month payment are undeniably remembered for the grant.

Course Type: international students

Course Level: Projects prompting bachelors and graduate degrees

Cutoff time: 15th  December

Excellence Scholarship of the Swiss Government 

International students may apply for the fully financed Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship to attend any institution in Switzerland. There are 500 in total. International students can apply for scholarships for pursuing a master’s, doctoral, postdoctoral, or research degree. During the course of your studies, the scholarship pays for all of your expenditures, including tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and travel expenses. All academic fields’ students are eligible to apply for the award. You must have finished your undergraduate degree within the five years prior to your application and be a citizen of a nation having diplomatic ties to Switzerland in order to be qualified.The deadline for applications is April 1st , 2024.

Master’s Scholarships at the University of Lausanne 

International students are eligible to apply for this partially funded scholarship for the year 2024. The University of Lausanne in Switzerland offers master’s degree programs to candidates from abroad. Apply by November 1st if you’re interested in this scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded for the minimum legally required time frame of the student’s selected program. For the whole course of the masters program—one and a half years or two years, depending on the selected masters—it amounts to CHF 1,600 a month from September 15 to July 15 (or 10 months a year), with the exception of cases of decisive failure after the first year. November 1st  is cutoff time for applications.

Scholarships for IMD MBAs 

International students can enroll in a Masters of Business Administration program for 2024 through the IMD MBA scholarship. The scholarship has a total value of CHF 50,000 and is completely sponsored. By offering merit- and need-based MBA scholarships to applicants who have been admitted into the IMD MBA program, IMD is dedicated to supporting the expansion of diversity. The strongest candidates overall who also satisfy the extra requirements will get these awards. No application is required; nevertheless, awardees usually have great interpersonal skills, a high GMAT/GRE score, and a clear demonstration of attributes including professional advancement, global perspective, open mind, and strong interpersonal skills throughout the application and evaluation day. The confirmation of recipients occurs at the moment of the admissions offer. Deadline of the scholarship is 22nd February.

CERN Short-Term Internships in Switzerland

Overseas can apply for temporary positions at CERN, the European Association for Atomic Exploration. Acquiring experience in gas partial science and molecule physical science is conceivable through these temporary jobs. Notwithstanding talks and office visits, the entry level position program includes close coordinated effort among students and CERN’s researchers and designers.The CERN Technical Internship Program lasts for four to twelve months.

Applications for this internship are open to any students who are able to stay in Switzerland throughout this time. For the academic year 2024, applications are now being accepted for the CERN Technical Internship program. There’s a completely paid internship opportunity in Switzerland. This program’s finest feature is that it doesn’t require an IELTS exam.

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To summarize, the Swiss government’s devotion to advancing educational accomplishment and global coordinated effort is exhibited by the range of grants it awards to students from different nations. Switzerland is a beneficial area for researchers chasing after scholastic accomplishment in view of its obligation to encouraging worldwide training and supporting worldwide ability, which is additionally exhibited by the Swiss government scholarships for international students. To ensure a smooth application process, planned candidates ought to survey the specific cutoff times and qualification necessities for every grant program.

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