Project Yellow Light Scholarships

Project Yellow Light Scholarships was established to honor the memory of Hunter Garner, a 16-year-old who died in a road accident. His mother, Julie Garner, the originator of Project Yellow Light, wants to raise awareness about the risks of irresponsible driving while also honoring her son’s life.

Project Yellow Light Scholarships is a competitive scholarship whose mission is to encourage students to understand the concept of safe driving as well as road safety. 

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Eligibility Criteria For Project Yellow Light Scholarship

Project Yellow Light Scholarships are available to high school college students aged 14 to 20. Also, undergraduate students aged 15 to 25. 

Applicants must further meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Students who want to pursue their careers in Visual & Performing Arts and film/Video Production are eligible for the Project Yellow Light Scholarship.
  • There is no high GPA required for Project Yellow Light Scholarship.
  • Project Yellow Light Scholarship is an annual scholarship program. Students can reapply if they haven’t selected this year.

Important: A video, billboard design, or radio commercial meant to inspire, persuade, and encourage your peers not to drive distracted. Students have a rare opportunity to help and share this essential information. students can communicate with their friends about this subject in a manner that adults cannot. The more people you can help, the more lives you can save.

How To Apply For Project Yellow Light Scholarship

 To win the Project Yellow Light Scholarship, students must participate in one of the following competitions:

  • Billboard Competition
  1. Students must use their creativity and make a billboard design where they give a clear message about road safety and why it is important for everyone not to talk and message when they are on the road.
  1. Selected banners will be displayed all over the United States billboards.
  • Radio Competition
  1. Students who are in high school or college can take part in the competitions.
  1. Lucky winners’ work will be present on iHeartRadio’s national network and all over United States radios.
  • Video Competition
  1. Students who know about video editing can take part in this competition and use their creativity to convey the message about road safety.
  2. In addition to a scholarship, the winning film might be converted into an Ad Council PSA and distributed nationwide to about 1,800 TV stations.

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Project Yellow Light Scholarship Reward

Project Yellow Light Scholarship details are as follows:

  • Students who will win the Video competition will get 800 dollars. This is the highest reward in the Project Yellow Light Scholarship.
  • Students who win the radio competition will receive 200 dollars. 
  • Lastly, Students who will win the billboard competition will receive 200 dollars.

Project Yellow Light Scholarship Deadline

As we have already mentioned in our article this is a competitive scholarship and students who are willing to take part in Video and radio competitions. They have to submit their entries before 1st April. On the other hand students who are willing to submit their entries for the billboard competition, their submission date is on the 1st of March. 

Whom To Contact:

Students are encourage to  contact the officials directly by using the following details:

Phone: (804) 698-8203

Email: Not Available 

Address: Hunter Garner Scholarship

c/o Julie Garner One Shockoe Plaza Richmond, VA 23219-4132


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