Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship

The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship is a very famous scholarship that provides an exceptional case for students who want to study and avail themselves of sports facilities. This foundation was formed in memory of a young athlete who died from cancer at the age of 33. He died in 2017. He was loved by everyone either young or elderly.

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About the scholarship foundation:

The main goal of the Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation was to give financial and fitness assistance to the students. The legal residents who are studying in high school will be eligible for the scholarship program. The Foundation has always been a helping hand to students who want to make better careers in the educational field. This scholarship was made to empower athletes and those who are sick but can’t get the passion of athletes.

Eligibility of the scholarship program:

There are some eligibility for the Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship which makes a level of appropriate match for the scholarship. Therefore, the requirements should be intact so that the application submission would be in a balanced form. In addition, the foundation provides financial assistance to the students. For this the students need to be passionate about sports, athletics, and physical fitness should be proper and also diagnosed or treated for cancer.

Procedure to apply for the scholarship:

The application process for scholarships is done easily as students apply online and form a proper personal application to submit it. In addition, while filing the educational data for students physical verification should also be in the form with a price that they are or were diagnosed with cancer or not. Lastly, students must also submit a complete essay of 500 words with questions & answers in the essay. There will be different questions that will make your decision easy. The main motive is to empower cancer patients with a passionate mindset. Once the application is completed and submitted the documents will be checked and analyzed with all requirements. Either it will be accepted or rejected.

Some more about Scholarships:

Scholarships are always managed by the students very easily and never have any problems related to it. People are very much excited to get the Scholarship as these things are never ignored. High schools for sure make a way to deal with different activities. The activities are for those who want to take part in different sports fields and find ways to deal with fitness students. In the United States of America, people easily make way for their studies and their sports but we need a great impact of confidence and maintenance. The academic records should also be a 3.0 GPA and accepted in the university credits.

Applicants criteria:

Most of the people are getting a criteria to submit the applications. Not everyone’s application is acceptable. So here are some points that need to be intact with the application:

●       Mostly the people who have been with the physician verification form for proof of cancer diagnosis will be on priority.

●       Applicants must have a good academic record for successful educational preferences.

●       Also, the GPA should be the highest so that students can at least maintain the level of education in the scholarship program.

●       There are certain requirements for application submission with the date mentioned to be submitted.

Award Evaluation of scholarship:

The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation scholarship is merit-based for the applicants. Most of the areas are covered with academic accomplishments, community service, letters of recommendation, and personal essays. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the institution where students get enrolled. And the treatment proof should be there for enrollment. An award-based evaluation is done for the scholarship.

Checklist for Application:

The following checklist should be maintained so that the application can be in a well-based form.

●       The form should be completed properly

●       Previous school transcript should be in a sealed envelope

●       An essay regarding the scholarship.

●       An enrollment form for college, university, and the fall semester.

●       Signed proof from the physician treatment.

●       Recommendation from a previous teacher.

Submission details:

The application has to be submitted via email and at the Paul Memorial Foundation Scholarship. This is the particular email address where it has to be sent. Via email: The submission should be scanned or electronic version. The main target of this application is to follow the website and send the full details of it.

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The Paul Bernot Memorial Foundation Scholarship has a lot more to elaborate on. The main motive for students is to make their learning innovatively. Universities receive different applications for their scholarship but everyone doesn’t get a chance. Therefore students need to be more focused on both studies and sports.

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