Obama Scholarship Program ASU

Are you from the United States? Are you interested in pursuing education at Arizona State University, or are you currently enrolled there? If so, consider this opportunity. The application process for the Obama Scholarship Program ASU is currently open. This program at ASU aims to support equal educational access for all residents of Arizona.

Furthermore, the scholarship offered by the Barack Obama Scholars Program will cover direct expenses for attending ASU, supporting students for a maximum of eight full-time semesters during consecutive fall and spring terms (excluding summer sessions). President Barack Obama embodies exceptional academic success, thoughtfulness, a substantial history of community service, inspirational leadership, and a dedication to fostering resilient communities throughout the nation.

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Eligibility Criteria Of Obama Scholarship Program ASU

  • Students are expected to showcase a commendable academic track record, with a minimum GPA as a benchmark.
  • Emphasizing the importance of giving back, the program seeks candidates with a strong commitment to community service and leadership.
  • Acknowledging the financial challenges that can delay educational progress, the program may give preference to applicants facing financial issues.
  • Students are asked to demonstrate how they incorporate the fundamental values linked with Barack Obama, such as inclusivity, perseverance, and a passionate commitment to social justice.

Obama Scholarship ASU Requirements

The Obama Scholars Program is a strategic series of steps to ensure an entire evaluation of each candidate:

  • Students are required to complete a thorough online application, providing complete information about their personal, academic, and extracurricular activities.
  • Students will get the opportunity to list down their achievements, aspirations, and how their journey aligns with the program’s foundational values through a well-written essay or personal statement.
  • Students should submit at least one recommendation letter from their present school or college faculty member.
  •  Academic documents from the most recent educational institution will be required.

Obama Scholarship ASU Deadline

Students who want to win the Obama Scholarship Program should submit all the requirements before 15th January 2024.

Moreover, it is essential to validate your ASU housing arrangement by June 1 to ensure the finalization of your housing assignment by August 1. Students who will not confirm their housing assignment by the specified date will receive a reduction of their budget to accommodate “with parent” housing and meal allowances, leading to corresponding adjustments in your awarded funds.

Rewards For Obama Scholarship Program ASU

The Obama Scholars Program is not just about giving financial support to the students but also helps in the following:

  • Students who will get the scholarship will receive $3000.
  • Students are granted financial assistance to alleviate the burdens associated with tuition, textbooks, and other educational expenses.
  •  In addition to financial backing, students who win the scholarship gain access to mentorship programs, connecting them with current professionals who can provide valuable guidance.
  • The program facilitates networking opportunities for students. Students will get the opportunity to work with top-notch alumni and influential people in the industry.

Students will get public recognition for their achievements, potentially catalyzing further opportunities for their academic and professional achievements.

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Whom To Contact:

The contact information that students can use to get more help is as follows:

  • Phone: 1-855-278-5080
  • Fax: Not Available
  • Email: Not Available
  • Address: 1151 S Forest Ave, Tempe, AZ, United States
  • Website: https://goglobal.asu.edu/

People Also Ask :

  • What is the Obama scholarship at ASU?

The Arizona State University Barack Obama Scholars Program is exclusively available for Arizona residents. This scholarship covers tuition costs at Arizona State University. Eligibility is contingent upon meeting specified income and merit criteria. It’s important to note that this program is financially supported by Arizona State University.

  • How do I get a full scholarship to ASU?

Arizona State University (ASU) provides merit scholarships, that acknowledge exceptional academic achievements. The New American University Scholarship encompasses various award values, and consideration for this scholarship is upon admission to the university.

  • Does ASU give scholarships to international students?

Arizona State University (ASU) extends merit-based scholarships to international students who exhibit extraordinary academic performance. International first-year and transfer F-1 students are eligible for consideration for the New American University Scholarship, designed to assist with covering college expenses.

  • What GPA do I need to keep my scholarship at ASU?

Students who want to get admission To Arizona State University (ASU) should get at least a 3.0 GPA or above.

  • How many credits do I need for the Obama ASU scholarship?

Students who maintain a 2.50 cumulative ASU GPA and complete 24 ASU credit hours each year will have their scholarship fully renewed. However, those who do not meet these requirements will be placed on one year of probation while still receiving the full award amount. Students need to achieve the specified GPA and complete the designated credit hours by the end of each academic year to ensure the continuation of their scholarship

  • How much is ASU tuition per year?

Students will receive 3000 dollars annually. 

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