Masters In Data Science Scholarships For International Students

Pursuing a master’s degree in data science can open doors to a variety of cutting-edge careers in the tech industry. The cost of education can frequently be a chain for numerous pushing data scientists, particularly transnational scholars. Explore endless opportunities in Masters In Data Science Scholarships For International Students and Unlock your potential and shape the future of data-driven innovation.

This document aims to give comprehensive information about literacy specifically available for transnational scholars who wish to embark on a trip to data wisdom in the master’s position. These scholarships are designed to ease the financial burden and make the dream of studying data wisdom a reality for numerous meritorious students worldwide.

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Types of scholarships available for international students

There are various types of scholarships available for international students looking to study data science at the master’s level. These include:

Merit-based scholarships: These scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, leadership, and other achievements. Aspirants are generally required to have a high GPA and outstanding academic records.

Need-based scholarships: These scholarships consider an aspirant’s fiscal need, taking into account their family income, means, and other factors. Students from low-income families may be given preference for these scholarships.

Diversity scholarships: These scholarships aim to promote diversity and addition in the field of data wisdom by furnishing openings for underrepresented groups, including women, nonages, and individuals from developing countries.

Country-specific scholarships: Some countries offer scholarships specifically to scholars hailing from certain regions or countries. These scholarships may be based on bilateral agreements between governments or associations.

University-specific scholarships:  Numerous universities worldwide offer specific scholarships for international students to attract top talent to their data science programs.

Top Universities Offering Masters in Data Science Scholarships for International Students

Stanford University  (USA)

Stanford University, known for its excellence in specialized and logical education, offers several scholarships for international students pursuing a Master’s in Data Science. It’s worth mentioning the Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering, which is concentrated on scholars in the fields of natural lore and engineering, including data science. This fellowship provides a generous paycheck, education support, and the flexibility for the pupil to work with any faculty members.

  • Scholarship Name: Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program
  • Duration: Typically 3 years (subject to the length of the graduate program)
  • Award Amount: Full tuition, stipend for living and academic expenses, travel grant, leadership development opportunities
  • Deadline: Autumn admission deadline: April 1, 2024 (11:59 PM PST)
  • Program start date: September 2024

University of Oxford (UK)

Ranked as one of the world’s top universities, the University of Oxford offers several scholarships for international students pursuing a master’s in data science. The most prestigious education offered by the university is the Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship, which is awarded to exceptional scholars who wish to pursue a binary degree in business and data wisdom.

  • Scholarship Name: Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship
  • Duration: 2 years (for the MBA program) and 1 year (for the M.Sc. program)
  • Award Amount: Full tuition, living expenses, and a small grant for research or conference attendance
  • Deadline: January 2024

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  (USA)

MIT’s Master of Business Analytics Program offers a unique occasion for international students to admit literacy in data wisdom studies fellowships. The maturity of admitted scholars admits substantial backing from MIT in the form of ** fellowships, literacy, and exploration/ tutoring adjunct places. The most notable education offered by MIT is the MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics (MBA) Scholarship, which covers full education and provides a living paycheck.

  • Scholarship Name: MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics (MBA) Scholarship
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Award Amount: Full tuition and a living stipend of $20,000
  • Deadline: Round 1: October 2023 (TBD), Round 2: January 2024 (TBD)

ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

As one of the top universities in Europe for specialized and logical education, ETH Zurich offers colorful scholarships for international students pursuing a master’s in data wisdom. The Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Program (ESOP), funded by the Swiss government and private benefactors, is one similar education that provides full education content and a living paycheck to named transnational scholars.

  • Scholarship Name: ETH-D Scholarships
  • Duration: 1 year for the M.Sc. program
  • Award Amount: Full tuition coverage and a living stipend of CHF 12,000 per semester
  • Deadline: December 2023 (TBD) for the academic year 2024-2025

Australian National University (Australia)

Famed for its commitment to excellence in exploration and education, Australian National University offers the Master of Applied Data Analytics education for transnational scholars. This education is aimed at scholars with a background in either IT, law, or social and political sciences looking to gain advanced, practical chops in data analysis. The education covers a substantial quantum of the education and is available to both domestic and transnational scholars.

  • Scholarship Name: Master of Applied Data Analytics (MADA) Scholarship
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Award Amount: 50% of the domestic tuition fees
  • Deadline: November 2023 (TBD) for the academic year 2024
  • Program start date: February 2024

Eligible criteria

  • Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as computer science, statistics, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Most programs require applicants to have relevant work experience. Some scholarships may prioritize students who have worked on research projects related to data science.
  • Applicants must meet the language requirements for their chosen university and program, usually by providing scores for English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Some scholarships may have specific eligibility criteria for certain countries, regions, or demographics. It is important to carefully review the requirements before applying.
  • Applicants must also meet the admission criteria for their chosen university and program, which typically includes submitting transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. 
  • Many scholarships also require applicants to demonstrate financial need and provide proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses while studying.

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Application Method

  • The application process for each scholarship may vary, but most require students to apply for admission to their chosen university and program first before applying for the scholarship.
  • Applications for scholarships often include submitting additional materials, such as essays, research proposals, or project ideas related to data science.
  • It is important to start the application process early and carefully follow all instructions and deadlines provided.
  • Students can also seek assistance from their university’s international office or the scholarship provider’s website for more information on the application process.

Benefits of Scholarships in Data Science

  • Full or partial tuition coverage alleviates financial burdens and allows students to focus on their studies.
  • Living stipends provided by some scholarships can help cover living expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and study materials. This can greatly reduce the overall cost of studying abroad.
  • International exposure and networking opportunities through leadership development programs, conferences, and events offered by some scholarships can enhance students’ career prospects.

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Pursuing a graduate degree in information science can be financially challenging, yet with the accessibility of scholarships for international students, it is currently more open than any other time in recent memory. These scholarships offer financial help as well as propositions that provide opportunities for initiative, turn of events, and systems administration with industry experts. With a strong academic background and significant work insight, along with a well-prepared application, students can build their possibilities by tying down a scholarship to pursue their fantasy of turning into an information researcher.

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