Does UCL Offer Scholarships To International Students

The Global University of London was established in 1826 as Universal College London, or UCL. UCL is the largest multifunctional university in London, employing over 13,000 people and housing 42,000 students from 150 different nations. But does ucl offer scholarships to international students! It boasts around 440 undergraduate programs and 30 Nobel laureates among its graduates. Encouraging overseas students from low-income families to complete full-time undergraduate degree studies at UCL is the goal of the UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship.

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  1. Institution(s) of Host:

University College, United Kingdom

  1. Level and Subject Area:

Every undergraduate degree program in every topic the university offers

  1. The quantity of awards:

In 2024–2025, there will be up to 33 scholarships offered, three of which are especially for     students from India.

  1. Group to aim for:

Foreign students with modest financial means

  1. Scholarship term and value:

There are 23 prizes for full tuition prices and 10 awards for full tuition fees plus maintenance. The scholarship can be used during the course of the program as usual.

Areas of study 

UCL provides classes in many different subjects. These are the following:

  • Humanities and Arts
  • Brain Research
  • Constructed surroundings
  • Engineering Sciences Education Laws Institute
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Populace Medical Sciences
  • Historical and Social Sciences
  • Biological sciences

1. Denys Holland Scholarship for Financially Challenged

Scholarships from the Denys Holland Foundation are given to underprivileged students who wish to enroll in undergraduate programs at University College London. Students from abroad may apply for this award.

Benefits: £9,000 year for three years, subject to good academic progress; awardees may choose to use the entire scholarship amount or only a portion of it to cover tuition. Any money left over is given to the scholar as a maintenance award.

2. Scholarships for UPC Progression

Academic accomplishment is the basis for scholarship distribution. Scholars will be selected from among the UPCSE/UPCH students who have demonstrated the greatest level of academic success throughout the program. The state of finances is not taken into account. Merit-based scholarships are awarded.

Benefits: £5k annually

Application Procedure: There isn’t a set way to apply. All UCL UPCSE/UPCH pupils who are accepted admission to UCL as undergraduates will be given consideration.

3. Scholarships Fund for UCL Hong Kong

The scholarship is given out in accordance with need for money. It will be up to you to demonstrate that you can fulfill these demands. Please refer to the application form and guiding notes for further details. Based on their financial needs, candidates will be placed on an initial shortlist.

Benefits: £5k annually

4. Scholarship for Progression in UPCE

Academic accomplishment is the basis for scholarship distribution. Scholars will be selected from among the UPCSE/UPCH students who have demonstrated the greatest level of academic success throughout the program. The state of finances is not taken into account. Merit-based scholarships are awarded.

Benefits: £5k annually

5. Scholarship for Ashinaga in Africa

It’s a need-and merit-based cash award.

Benefits: 30% of the cost of tuition is met.

6. Scholarship offered by United World Colleges and International Student House (UCL – UWC/ISH Scholarship)

Scholarships are awarded in accordance with academic performance and financial need. Two prizes are up for grabs.

Benefits: Those who meet the requirements are covered for all tuition costs, a maintenance stipend.

7. Partnership for Bolashak Fees

The Bolashak Scholarship, provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enables exceptionally talented Kazakh students to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at prestigious universities worldwide. Bolashak offers complete scholarships to students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The program is run by the Center for International Programs, and prizes are awarded in fields including engineering, science, health, law, and business that the Kazakh government has designated as priorities. After graduating, Bolashak scholars take jobs in various government and service capacities back in Kazakhstan.

Benefits: Ten percent of the tuition is paid

8. Colfuturo Fee Association

UCL supports many prizes (COLFUTURO) in association with the Colombian nonprofit Fundación para el Futuro de Colombia.

Benefits: 25% of the cost of tuition is met.


UCL supports many fellowships for academics from Mexico in partnership with the Fundación Mexicana para la Educación, la Tecnología y la Ciencia (FUNED). These awards are available to master’s degree candidates.

Advantages: 10% of the costs are reimbursed.

10. Partnership for Guatefuturo Fees

UCL contributes to many prizes (GUATEFUTURO) in partnership with Fundacion Guatefuturo.

Benefits: Ten percent of the tuition is paid


Applicants might come from any country beyond the UK, but they should meet each of the requirement below:

  • Originate from a lower income background
  • Be able to pay the overseas tuition rate
  • Have applied to UCL for admission to a full-time undergraduate program in 2024–2025.
  • You may find guidelines on UCL’s definition of household income on their vital information website.

Application guidelines:

  • January 2024 will see the opening of applications for the UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship; updates may be found on the official website. 
  • To be qualified for the grant, you probably applied for admission to UCL Before 5 p.m. BST on Friday, April 22, 2024, applications must be submitted online using an application form.
  • It is crucial to get the application form and comprehensive instructions on how to apply for this scholarship by visiting the official website.

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International students can apply for a number of scholarships offered by UCL, such as the Global Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 for low-income backgrounds, which covers full tuition or tuition plus living expenses, the £9,000 annual Denys Holland Scholarship, merit-based scholarships, and collaborations with organizations such as Bolashak and FUNED. Applications for the Global Undergraduate Scholarship will be accepted online until April 22nd, 2024. For updates, visit UCL’s official website.

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