Croucher Foundation Scholarship

The Croucher Foundation Scholarship is a private trust where different students get a great platform to study and make a career innovatively. This foundation is made in the memory of the late Noel Croucher, who was one of the founders of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and British businessmen. It is an independent foundation which provides a strong connection with education. This scholarship is jointly funded by the Croucher Foundation and Oxford University.

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About Croucher Foundation Scholarship:

Croucher Foundation Scholarship 2023 is an organization that provides good scholarships to all enrolled students. Candidates can study their particular subject and study at the degree level the students want. There are different degree levels that students can avail of. This organization needs to maintain academic records and also permanent residents of Hong Kong can apply for the scholarship program easily. The subjects that can be availed are Ph.D., DPhil, natural sciences, and technology or medicine subjects at Oxford University. This foundation is specialised in promoting the different subjects.

More information related to Croucher Foundation scholarship:

This work of the foundation has been conducted with the support of different panels of experts. These panels are the ones who are invited scientifically and check the educational fields carefully. The scholarship fees courses are 100% liable with the living cost that is covered in it. In addition, the applications are considered directly from scholarship recipients for different cost fares and attendance.

Outcomes of Scholarship:

Scholarships make the student a great person and responsible for all things. The outcomes of the scholarship are very pure. The students who are submitting the applications with proper documents attached will be considered and then further process will be done. So the Expected date of submission is the end of 2024 which will select the candidates based on merit.

Time duration of scholarship:

The scholarship is supported every year including the third year of the relevant studies program. Therefore, it stays for 2 years or a year depending upon the support that it gets. Scholarship makes an easy way for the students who get the program and make the application more innovative. In addition to that the application and scholarship are awarded with the letter and the offer that is made for the application. If the award is for more than one year then it will be eligible for the probation period.

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Eligibility for the scholarship:

Students from different places apply for this scholarship. They select particular courses so that students can be linked to it. Most of the students select Natural sciences, technology, or medicine-related subjects for their career building. The students must be residents of Hong Kong and hold a permanent identity card to enroll in the subjects they want. Scholarships are awarded based on academic records. Whichever degree you want to study will be added to it.

How to apply for a scholarship:

To get the scholarship application you have to submit the graduate study course details. The relevant courses will be eligible when you have a good academic record. The Croucher funding foundation scholarship is the one which will provide you with all the facilities that the scholarship has the allowances, expenses will be borne by the foundation only.

There is a deadline to submit all the applications. The course application with proper documentation will be accepted only. The scholarship is fully funded with links so that the students decide to perform well in the program.

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Financial Aid for the scholarship:

The Croucher Foundation Scholarship is the one that is fully funded for the students. Any of the degree programs and any of the levels of the application is accepted in case of good academic records. The financial needs of the scholarship give motivation to the students to study properly. This country is linked to the students who are willing to educate themselves innovatively.

Benefits of the Croucher Foundation Scholarship:

All the scholarships provide benefits to their students but Croucher Foundation trustees is the one which provides more of the benefits to the students. Here we will discuss some of the benefits that the scholarship gives to their students:

  • The first benefit that is eligible for the students will be the annual allowance.
  • The payment of the tuition fees and college fees would be submitted where applicable.
  • The one-way air travel for the country for the students will be provided.
  • Medical insurance will be provided to the students.
  • Also, family allowances will be a scholarship program.
  • If the student wants to select the other subjects for the study then they can get that facility also.

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Croucher Foundation scholarship is always making their students happy and motivated to study well with good academic performance. In the memory of Noel Croucher, this foundation was formed. The main point of this foundation was to educate all the students in a new way so that every person could be good enough to become a leader.

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