Berea College Masters Program

Berea School, perhaps of Kentucky’s most particular college, mixes scholastic excellence with an inviting and various understudy body. college urge the students to look encounters that will make their four years special, like concentrating on abroad, paid temporary positions, and occupations that let them seek after an assortment of premium. Take your education to the next level with Berea College Masters Program, providing a transformative learning experience and preparing you for success in your chosen field.

After graduation, there are still options available internationally. Enroll in any of these courses to carry on with a lifetime of global education!  While each of the positions mentioned is a little bit different, most start with an internal evaluation process that takes place on campus before moving on to a national selection process.

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Potential candidates should start working on these nominations in the summer (or perhaps during the spring) before their senior year and finish applying by September 15 before you graduate, given the competitive nature of these awards and the careful preparation necessary for proposals.

  • Fellowship for Thomas J. Watson
  • US Fulbright Student Program
  • Fellowship of Boren
  • Humanity at Work Scholarship for Critical Languages: Summer Fellowship Program (Summer opportunity; students who will be seniors in the autumn of their last year of high school may apply!)
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Postgraduate Employment, Global Volunteering, and Internships

Think of working overseas for a few months or even years after graduation! Menial or service-oriented jobs are possible, such as working in an Irish bar, plucking grapes in Greece, or operating a cruise ship. Career-training positions are harder to get and need a lot more work from you. One of the easiest and most common ways to spend extended, cheap stays abroad is to teach abroad. But it also means that the better-paying, prearranged positions are more competitive. Spain, China, Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe, and Latin America are common travel destinations. While it may be beneficial, fluency in the native tongue is rarely necessary.


You must have the necessary paperwork ready when submitting an application for admission to Berea College masters program in the United States. Ask a university individually for the list of required papers, as this may differ depending on the country. You may also ask for sample papers via our live chat feature.

  • Application cost
  • Images
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • recommendation letters (PhD, MA)
  • recommendation letters (for undergraduates)
  • Outline for a research proposal (MA, PhD)
  • Passport Evidence of payment of fees
  • Details of the TOEFL Certificate Family
  • Assessment of World Education Services
  • Financial assistance declaration on a student visa
  • Application form online with motivation letter

Annual tuition fees

The cost for students from abroad is $45000 approximately.

None of Berea’s 1,400-plus students are charged tuition

Berea College provides 100% funding to 100% of enrolled international students for the first year of enrollment. 

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In summary, Berea College masters program distinguishes itself as a prestigious institution in Kentucky by providing a distinctive combination of a wide range of students and outstanding education. Throughout their four years, the institution promotes students to explore unique experiences including paid internships, foreign study abroad programs, and a variety of career options.

Berea College is a desirable option for students looking for a well-rounded higher education because it offers a complete educational experience that combines academic quality, a wide range of possibilities, and a friendly community.

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