UTK Continuing Student Scholarship

Through research and service, UT Knoxville—which is home to the UT Space Institute and the UT Institute of Agriculture—serves the state by improving culture, educating the public, and improving people’s lives. UTK Continuing Student Scholarship In terms of outreach, involvement, creative endeavors, research, teaching, and scholarship, we are the definition of greatness.

The multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to education and research, along with many opportunities for experiential learning, will enable you to select the course that best suits your needs in terms of academic preparation, personal development, and professional advancement.

The things that bring us together include the Friday orange-wearing, checkerboard games, and torch evenings, as well as painting the Rock. Our Volunteer heritage is longstanding. They motivate us to keep building brighter futures. To test the limits of creativity and study. to assist local and distant populations.

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Academic advice is a must for all to get UTK continuing student scholarship before they may enroll in classes. To assist them with the four aspects of their college experience—self-discovery, career exploration, experiential learning, and academic planning—students are paired with an Academic Advisor. Academic advisors assist students in the early stages of considering majors and professions within their field of study. During orientation, incoming first-year and transfer students get to know their advisers and sign up for classes. In order to schedule an advising appointment, students who are accepted into the institution must get in touch with the advising office.


  • Rank in the top ten percentile of their high school class
  • Own a UT Core GPA estimate of 4.0 or above.
  • A Tennessee resident must be graduating from a Tennessee high school with a class of at least fifteen pupils.
  • At the conclusion of the junior year of high school, the top 10 percent (i.e., first decile) is ascertained and reported on the high school transcript or by an authorized school representative.
  • There is no need for students to make changes to their application if they have already finished the process and submitted their self-reported weighted GPA.
  • Before November 15, applicants who did not include their self-reported weighted GPA in their admissions package will have the opportunity to amend their application.


Every year by March 1st , you have to finish the Continuing Undergraduate Student Scholarship Application.

How to apply

The university will send you an email with more specific instructions when you submit your application via the Common Application. Make a Go Vols account with the same email address you used on the Common Application if you haven’t already. Do not register a new Go Vols account if you already have one; just log in as usual.

Fill out the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) and attach a transcript from your unofficial high school. The formal, final high school transcript is not required until after admission and enrollment confirmation. Note that completion of the SRAR is not mandatory for international students who have not completed a high school in the United States. Standardized test results must be submitted with an application by students seeking admission. SAT and ACT.

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Essentially, the UTK Continuing Student Scholarship is a way for the institution to honor their academic achievements while also supporting its mission of giving students access to a stimulating and encouraging environment that will help them succeed and give back to their communities. The scholarship is a manifestation of the Volunteer legacy, encouraging students to explore their creative potential, engage in significant research, and construct more promising futures for themselves and others.

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