Step Up Scholarship

Step Up Scholarship is a choice scholarship program that is non-profit and initiated in Florida. This scholarship program manages five other programs in the state only. The scholarship funding organization makes candidate selection easy and strong. In this scholarship it has a process of audit and it must be approved by the state board of education annually.

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More About Step Up Scholarship:

Step Up Scholarship Application is a non-profit scholarship program that provides a great platform in the educational field. Florida is making education easy for low-income students who are unable to pay their tuition fees and want to get a great future ahead. In this, their criteria is to give all the facilities to the candidates who are getting enrolled in the scholarship program. This Scholarship ‘Step-Up’ was a merger between Florida and two other famous scholarship organizations for the students.

Eligibility of the step-up scholarship program:

Eligibility of the scholarship program ‘Step Up’ is unique as the main documents are required only for submission. This scholarship program has a step up for students login. The main target is to give education to all those students who are not financially stable and need support in their education. Most of the scholarship programs take a lot of time for the application process. Here let’s discuss the eligibility for the scholarship program.

  • The candidate must have a good academic record to maintain the scholarship education.
  • The students must get their application from the website.
  • The candidates must attest their documents from the department
  • The students need to be in Florida and must be citizens.
  • The student’s application must be submitted before the deadline date.
  • An essay of 500 words regarding the scholarship should be submitted.

Process of Application Scholarship:

Step Up scholarship has very vast links with other countries also such as Florida and Georgia. These countries are good at providing education links to the candidates who need education and a scholarship program to study freely. The application process is quite simple and candidates who need education can apply easily. But for any of the educational fields the process of application is necessary to be understood. The family’s situation decides the application selection. So let’s list the application process for the step up scholarship program.

  • The Pay stubs must be there to check the submission of the application
  • The proof of the residency members is also necessary for the scholarship program.
  • All the health insurance and important bills will be included in the scholarship but it will be listed in a file for the record.
  • Any of the sources of income will also be checked as it will be beneficial for candidates.
  • The passport and licence are also required to make sure the scholarship is provided to the proper person.
  • The application has all the details regarding the family members and instructions must also be written.

Address and phone:

Address: The address of the  university is1897 Sunset Point Road, Clearwater FL, 33765


(727) 261-0937,(727) 461-3311


The Step Up scholarship application program has been the very initiative program that students have gotten up until now in Florida. You will find it quickly and long for the deadline but it is a great institute for the scholarship program. The deadline for the step up scholarship is June 2024 and the applications are now available on the website for the students.

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The Step Up scholarship program is an opportunity for students who need the education but don’t have the facility to make their great career. This platform is for those who get all the allowances from Florida and the university that they have enrolled in. Scholarship programs are for those who have the stability to make something different and to have the potential to record a path in the community. This is a fully funded scholarship program, as the Step-up scholarship amount is not confirmed it could be approx more than $25000 for the qualified scholarship.

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