MBA Scholarship In USA For International Students

Getting a scholarship for MBA studies in the USA can be a unique advantage for international students. Chasing after an MBA degree in the US is a desire for the majority of global understudies, offering them the opportunity to get top-notch schooling and extend their expert organizations.

The huge expense of education can be a significant obstacle. Scholarships can lighten a lot of this monetary weight, opening ways to potentially open doors in any case. This article will explore the different scholarships accessible in the U.S. for global MBA students, offering experiences on how to get them and framing the advantages they provide.

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Types of MBA scholarships offered in the USA for international students

There are numerous types of MBA scholarships available for international students pursuing an MBA in the U. S. Some of the most common include:

Merit-based scholarships: These are awarded to students grounded on their academic achievements, leadership chops, or professional experience. They can cover part or all of the educational expenses.

Need-based scholarships: These are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the student’s financial situation and can cover part or all of the education expenses.

Diversity scholarships: These are awarded to students from underrepresented groups, such as nonages, female, or international scholars. They aim to increase diversity and promote inclusivity in MBA programs.

Corporate-sponsored scholarships:   These are offered by companies or associations looking to support aspiring business leaders. In exchange, the donors may be needed to work for the company for a specified period after scale.

Country-specific scholarships: Some countries offer scholarships specifically for their citizens to study in the U. S. These can cover part or all of the education fees, as well as living charges.

MBA Scholarships Providers in the USA

There are several organizations and institutions that offer MBA scholarships in the USA for international students. Some of these include:

The Fulbright Commission: Offering scholarships to students from over 160 countries, the Fulbright Commission promotes artistic exchange and understanding through education.

The Rotary Foundation: This association offers completely-funded academic fellowships for graduate-position study, including MBA programs.

The World Bank: The Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students from developing countries to pursue graduate studies at universities around the world, including in the U. S.

Individual Universities: Numerous universities offer their own education programs for international students. It’s worth probing and reaching out to the seminaries you are interested in to inquire about available backing openings.

MBA Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for International Students  

The Forte Foundation Fellows Program

The Forte Foundation Fellows Program is one of the most prestigious scholarships available to transnational scholars. This program targets women pursuing full-time, part-time, or administrative MBA education at financing business seminaries. The Forte Fellows Program was designed to offer significant fiscal support, enhance leadership chops, and provide an immediate network of high-quality peers. Figure education covers part or all of the freight.

Fee:  The scholarship covers part or all of the tuition fees.

Duration: One to two years, depending on the MBA program.

Deadline: Varies depending on the business school, usually between December and January.

The Knight Hennessy Scholars Program

The Knight Hennessy Scholars Program is a largely competitive education offered by Stanford University for graduate studies, including MBA programs. The program aims to develop a community of unborn global leaders who share a commitment to achieving creative solutions to the world’s most burning problems. In addition to full backing for education and living charges, scholars also have access to leadership development opportunities, mentorship, and a range of enrichment programs 

Fee: $70 application fee; no additional fees if selected.

Duration: Three years for MBA students.

Deadline: October 2023 (for the class of 2024).

The Dorothy and Donald Strauss Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to largely motivated individuals with a strong record of academic achievement. It covers education, room, board, trip charges, and other freight for scholars pursuing graduate studies at select California universities. The program aims to support scholars who demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to public service.

Fee: There is no application fee.

Duration: one year, renewable for a second year.

Deadline: March 2024.

The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship

The Robert S. Kaplan Life lies Fellowship is a recognized scholarship offered primarily to international students pursuing an MBA program who showcase a pledge in the field of life lore. This fellowship is curated with the intention of diversifying the life wisdom assiduity and promoting the addition of different artistic perspectives. The education is committed to abetting aspiring leaders who have shown the eventuality to introduce and bring change to this dynamic assiduity.

Fee: $250 application fee.

Duration: one year, renewable for a second year.

Deadline: January 2024.

The Chicago Booth Merit-Based Scholarships

The Chicago Corner Legitimacy Based Scholarship is a lofty honor stretched out to top-performing international students who exhibit uncommon scholarly ability, authority abilities, and expert experience. These scholarships are incredibly competitive and act as a demonstration of the beneficiary’s expectations in molding the eventual fate of business. The legitimacy based scholarship can cover part or full educational expenses, fundamentally facilitating the financial burden of chasing after an MBA program at the regarded Chicago Corner Institute of Business.

Fee: $250 application fee.

Duration: One to two years, depending on the MBA program.

Deadline: Varies depending on the application round; typically falls between September and April.

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The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship

The Stanford Africa MBA Cooperation is a critical drive embraced by the Stanford Graduate Institute of Business that empowers and supports African students seeking to lead the mainland towards a way of success. This partnership is solely for residents of African nations who have shown a guarantee for the financial improvement of Africa. The partnership covers educational costs and related expenses for the two-year MBA program at Stanford GSB.

Fee: $275 application fee.

Duration: Two years for the MBA program.

Deadline: September 2023 (for the class of 2025).

The BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology) Scholarships

The BTH scholarships are important for the efforts extended by the Blekinge Foundation of Innovation in Sweden to draw in exceptionally energetic global understudies from non-EU/EEA nations. This grant program is focused on students who have signed up for a qualified expert program at the BTH. It covers a critical part of the educational expenses, giving significant help to the recipients. Quite simply, the grant doesn’t cover everyday costs.

Fee: Not specified.

Duration: One to two years, depending on the master’s program.

Deadline: Typically in April, but varies each year. It is strongly recommended to check the official BTH website for accurate deadline information.

Eligibility Criteria

The specific eligibility criteria vary depending on the scholarship; some common requirements include:

  • Non-EU/EEA citizenship
  • Excellent academic record in previous studies
  • Demonstrated leadership potential and commitment to making a positive impact in the world
  • Strong performance in standardized tests such as GMAT or GRE (for MBA programs)
  • Proficiency in English language (for non-native speakers)
  • Admittance to an eligible program at the partnering university

Application Process

The application process for each scholarship may vary, but some general steps include:

  1. Research and identify relevant scholarships based on eligibility criteria and personal goals.
  2. Carefully review the application requirements, deadlines, and necessary documents for each scholarship.
  3. Plan ahead to ensure all required materials are obtained and submitted before the deadline.
  4. Complete and submit the online or paper application, paying attention to specific instructions and formatting guidelines.
  5. Await notification of acceptance or rejection from the scholarship committee.
  6. If selected, follow any additional steps required for disbursement of funds or enrollment in the program.
  • The deadline for MBA scholarships is January 15, 2024.
  • Grand Prize: US$10,000


Scholarships presented by business colleges are highly competitive and give significant open doors to capable people seeking to pursue their intellectual and professional objectives. It is vital to painstakingly investigate and think about every single accessible choice, as well as constantly complete the application interaction. 

These scholarships offer financial help, they open doors to an organization of similar people and enhance encounters that can shape one’s future achievement. We encourage all eligible candidates to apply for these opportunities and continue striving towards their academic and professional aspirations.

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