Kimmy Duong Foundation Scholarship

Kimmy Duong Foundation Scholarship is a platform where different kinds of candidates get connected for the ones who are in poverty but want to get an education. This organization was initiated for those who are facing challenges in their lives regarding their studies. This program was made by a famous woman named Kimmy Duong who was always concerned about the people who are sick. She was raised in a poor family and faced challenges. So she got the motivation to help those families who are sick and their children want to study ahead and make a bright future with the help of education and scholarship programs.

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About Kimmy Duong Foundation Scholarship:

Kimmy Duong Foundation Scholarship supports its candidates in a structured way. They provide all the allowances for their students who are enrolled in the scholarship. Also, this program is awarded with the Mason Medal From the Glen Martin Medal for its outstanding activities for its students. Every kind of degree level is added to this scholarship. Also, it’s for U.S. students and for the residents of the U.S. who are connected with famous universities. So the applications are shuffled and they make a list of those candidates and check them by visiting their places.

Eligibility of the foundation:

The scholarship program is an advantage for people who are willing to get an education and want to be successful. The foundation has some priorities that need to be followed by the candidates. Every application will be accepted with proper documents attached and written by the candidates. Here we will give some guidelines that need to be focused on for the scholarship program:

  • Students must submit their transcript copy with the application form.
  • An essay of 800 words must be included to see the views regarding the scholarship program
  • All financial details should be added to the scholarship program.
  • All documents should be attached to the application before applying.
  • The GPA should be 3.0 for the application submission.
  • The details regarding the parent’s financial problem should be mentioned in the application.

Application Criteria:

Applications are mostly submitted when there is a deadline or the form starting date is near. So there are some rules and regulations that have to be taken care of by the candidates who are applying. Now let’s discuss some of them to give a reminder to the candidates who want to apply for the scholarship program.

  • Applications are available on website
  • The documents must be signed and stamped by the particular department.
  • All previous achievement records should be there with the application.
  • The academic record should be proper before submitting the form.

Deadline for scholarship:

The deadline for the scholarship program will be discussed at this point. Deadline means the starting date till the last date. Mostly the scholarship application deadlines are 1 or 2 months but that depends upon the semester and degree level. So in this scholarship the opening date is the end of this month means December 2023 and will last till February 2024. So all the students must be ready with the application forms and the documents that need to be submitted with it.

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Benefits of the scholarship program:

Students from different countries apply for the scholarship program to avail educational sector facilities. And for sure the program does provide all the allowances to the students who are enrolled or will be enrolled. Now here are some benefits that are provided to the students who have availed of scholarship programs:

  • All the allowances will be included in the scholarship program
  • This scholarship is fully funded and no single money will be given by the students who are studying.
  • The tuition fees are also added to the program as all the educational expenses will be covered by the program
  • Travel expenses of air tickets will be covered in the program as once a year they can travel to their home country.
  • Medical insurance is also added to the scholarship program for the students.
  • Some subject selection can be done with the choice of the candidates.
  • Some scholarships provide family assistance to their selected students who want them to stay with them but at their own expense.



The Kimmy Duong Foundation scholarship has a connection with the people who do not have enough money to educate themselves. So they help them out and find a way to educate them easily. So scholarship programs support them with all the facilities that need to be taken care of. All the scholarship programs get an application and they need a detail of the candidates who are surely in need of the scholarship. This program is only for those families whose parents are sick and whose parents can’t afford their education. This platform helps them to get educated and covers all the allowances of the student’s education facilities.

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