Kansas Scholarships for High School Seniors

Welcome to the golden opportunity for the bright student to avail Kansas scholarships for high school seniors. Kansas scholarships are available through the Kansas board of regents. The scholarships will be offered to the financially weak and talented students. The financial aid program grants full funds for education for over 400 plus students. Students beyond Kansas can avail this high school senior scholarship. The local and state wise scholarships from Kansas provide you a financial aid plan for your future experience. In the core of Sunflower State, this is the best chance for bright minds.

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List of Kansas Scholarships for High School Seniors

  • Legacy Aviation Scholarship
  • The Rudd scholarship
  • Kansas Financial Essay Scholarship
  • Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship
  • Nolan Moore Fund Scholarship
  • KASF Scholarship Regional Chapter
  • Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant
  • Kansas Military Service Scholarship
  • KARA Scholarship
  • Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship
  • Kansas Ethnic Scholarship for minority
  • Yes, for Liberty Constitution Bee Scholarship

Legacy Aviation Scholarship

The legacy aviation foundation brings scholarships as Kansas Scholarships for high school seniors. The foundation grants funds for the business field financial aid. In aviation, a field related to pilots and airplanes, provide expenses to the pilots for their own businesses. We are already familiar with the progress in aviation so, there is a need to provide attention and assist in all the best ways. The legacy aviation scholarship for high school seniors has the following welfare benefits.

Worth Amount

The worth amount in aviation Kansas scholarship is about 500 Dollars depending on the requirements. However, the funds are granted by Legacy Aviation LLC.

Eligibility requirements:

If you want to get the golden scholarship from Kansas scholarships for high school seniors, you must follow the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a high school senior.
  • The aspirants must reside in Kansas city to avail this opportunity.
  • The required CGPA for secure position is maximum 3.00. 
  • He/she has the intention to enroll in high school or university for the aviation program in near future.

Application Requirements

  • The application procedure is easy and simple to handle.
  • There is no need to waste your time for other sources, visit the official site of Kansas scholarships for high school seniors.
  • All the academic transcripts with the complete registration are necessary.
  • One or more reference letters from the aviation background.


The last date to become part of the Kansas scholarship in Legacy aviation is 11 November 2024.

The Rudd scholarship

The best step of Kansas scholarships for high school seniors is to provide financial assistance through The Rudd scholarship. The purpose of the funds is to pay the tuition fee of bright students for the four years program. In each year, this Rudd Kansas scholarship pays the tuition fee. Through this step, the students will be able to boost their confidence in the education field in all departments.

Worth Amount

The worth of this scholarship is not constant and depends on the fee of each program. As the tuition fee varies in programs, therefore the amount of Rudd scholarship varies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicants are living in the state Emporia University, Wichita University and Fort Hays University.
  • The applying candidates are permanent residents of the US.
  • He/she should enroll in a full-time course program for Kansas scholarships for high school seniors.
  • The enrollment is mandatory in one of the universities mentioned.
  • The grading in academic record should be A or at least CGPA requirement is 3.00.

Application Information

  • The Rudd foundation will only accept the applications for Kansas Scholarships.
  • The applicants must graduate from high school seniors with all the necessary transcripts.
  • Grant a proof that describes the need for financial assistance in education.
  • The selection will occur through the Rudd foundation panel.
  • Only 40 candidates will be selected from the total applicants.


The Rudd Kansas scholarships for high school seniors are easy to avail if you show keen interest. So, the last day of this opportunity is 1st December 2024. Stay tuned and apply for luck!

Kansas Financial Essay Scholarship

The Kansas Financial Essay Scholarship program is a kind of contest and the winners will grant a fully funded Kansas scholarship. The contest will occur each year and five scholars will get Kansas scholarships for high school seniors. This essay content is a good opportunity for high school seniors to cover their expenses.

Worth Amount

The worth amount is different for each five winners depending on the positions. The first winner will receive a Kansas scholarship worth 3000 USD while the fifth winner will win 1000 USD.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The scholars have maximum knowledge and information to write an essay for financial assistance.
  • Only high school seniors are eligible to apply.
  • The high school seniors must belong to Kansas state.
  • Kansas Securities communities can only respond to the essay on Kansas scholarships for high school seniors.


The last date for the application process completion is 10th February.

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

Kansas also has care for the working teaching faculty. The scholarship will be awarded to the licensed teachers. The Kansas teacher service scholarship is also available for the hardworking students. The Kansas scholarships for high school seniors serve the deserving aspirants.

Worth Amount

The worth of this teacher service Kansas scholarship is 5500 USD awarded by the Kansas board of regents. The scholarship will be granted once a year.

Eligibility criteria

  • Those candidates who want to apply for this program must enroll in a four year bachelor program.
  • The teaching faculty should enroll in the post-graduate program.
  • High school seniors, Graduate students, licensed teachers and college sophomores are eligible for the Kansas scholarships for high school seniors.
  • For this scholarship, the teachers will make an agreement each year in Kansas.
  • The Kansas residence is mandatory for the application.
  • The academic record should be outstanding.
  • The program in which candidates enroll should provide a license.

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The deadline for the aspirants to become the members of Kansas scholarships for high school seniors is 1st May. Submit your application in Kansas and secure your position among successful candidates.

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