Fully Funded MA English Programs

Finding fully-funded MA. English programs might be challenging. M.A. applicants may find it more difficult to obtain financing and scholarships because most colleges concentrate their support on Ph.D. candidates. Nonetheless, a few of colleges do provide financially supported M.A. programs. For full-time students, “full funding” refers to a financial assistance package that covers all tuition costs in addition to an annual stipend or salary for the duration of the student’s master’s program.

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Usually, funding is provided in exchange for graduate research and teaching that enhances your academic program. Since not all institutions provide master’s degree full financing, I advise looking into the financial aid packages offered by all possible M.A. programs in your field of study, including smaller and less well-known universities both in USA or abroad.

List of the universities offering full funded ma programs 

  1. West Virginia University

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant (G.T.A.), every student enrolled to the M.A. program is guaranteed financing for two academic years, which is the typical time to degree. In addition to a $16,000 yearly income, this role comes with student health insurance and a tuition waiver for the institution.The English Master of Arts (M.A.) program is intended for students who have demonstrated a capacity for extended literary study and who wish to pursue a more rigorous and comprehensive academic program. The two-year M.A. program builds the research, writing, and analytical abilities required for success in the workplace while broadening students’ understanding of the literary, linguistic, and cultural legacies of the United States, Great Britain, and other English-speaking countries. 

  1. University of Notre Dame

 You will be awarded a full scholarship to cover your tuition for the two years of the M.A. program.Only alumni of Notre Dame and St. Mary’s College, as well as students from other universities with transferable financing—such as foreign students with government funding or military personnel with tuition scholarships—are eligible for the M.A. program. If a student doesn’t fit those requirements but still wants to continue graduate studies at Notre Dame, they should apply straight to the doctoral program.

  1. The Ohio State University

Students who are accepted into the MA/PhD program are given every opportunity to get financing from the English Department. Whether or not a student is admitted with a bachelor’s or master’s degree determines how many years of financing they receive. Our department is home to one of the biggest and most active intellectual communities in English studies in the nation, with over 60 faculty members and 90 graduate students.

They instruct courses, take part in department-sponsored scholarly events, and publish and present their research at conferences that are widely recognized. Renowned academics with expertise in a variety of English-related fields, such as narrative theory, folklore, postcolonial and ethnic American literature, rhetoric and composition, and all historical eras of English literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present, have been trained in our program.  

  1. The University of Mississippi

A teaching assistantship, which covers full tuition reimbursement, subsidized health insurance, and a basic stipend to cover living expenses, will be awarded to all MA program applicants.Additional funds is awarded to chosen students who exhibit exceptional academic accomplishment and/or who will bring diversity to their academic area of study and the classroom through the Graduate School’s University of Mississippi Recruiting Fellowship and Scholarship Program. PhD and MFA students receive $3,000 per year for four years, while MA students receive $2,000 per year for two years. 

  1. Oregon State University

All MA in English program applicants will automatically be awarded a regular Graduate Teaching Assistantship contract, which includes full tuition reimbursement and an annual living stipend of about $13,800. For external GTA and GRA opportunities in professional and academic divisions outside of the School of Writing, Literature, and Film, all applications will be taken into consideration.

For instance, within the past ten years, MA students have been appointed as GTAs or GRAs in the Graduate School, the Division of Outreach and Engagement, the College of Engineering, the Writing Center, and the Academic Success Center. Full tuition waivers and an annual living expense stipend ranging from $12,300 to $16,000 are offered for these employment.

  1. James Madison University

 The M.A. in English program is fully supported for almost all full-time students. The English Department’s Graduate Assistantships and collaborations with other campus agencies, which offer beneficial professional experience to enhance graduate education, are the two main sources of financing for students. In this flexible assistantship system, graduate assistants are awarded a salary and full tuition waiver for the duration of their two years in the program.

  1. The University of Alabama

Full funding for a maximum of five years (two years for an MA) is assured to students accepted into the graduate program. Graduate Assistantships, which include full payment of graduate tuition for up to 15 credit hours and a stipend paid over nine months (currently $15,930), are available to all approved students.First-year graduate assistants who have completed less than eighteen hours of graduate-level English coursework will be placed in the Writing Center, lead small section discussions for 200-level literature lecture courses under the guidance of a faculty member, or be given other responsibilities as needed.

  1. University of Wyoming 

To enable them to fully concentrate on their graduate studies and teaching, all graduate students accepted into the campus-based master’s in English program are awarded a two-year, fully funded Graduate Assistantship. This assistantship includes free tuition, teaching opportunities, and a living stipend. A two-year fully supported Graduate Assistantship, which includes free tuition, teaching opportunities, and a living stipend, is awarded to all graduate students accepted into the campus-based master’s program in English. This allows the students to concentrate solely on their graduate studies and teaching.

  1. Case Western Reserve University

The English Department pledges to pay for each admitted student and to only accept those whose financial needs can be met. Financial support is provided through Graduate Assistantship. MA students are fully funded for two years, with a $14,000 stipend in addition to full tuition.

The Graduate Alumni Fund was established by alumni donations at first, and it helps cover conference and symposium costs as well as travel fees for students conducting research in collections. Additionally, it offers financial aid to students attending the yearly Modern Language Association convention in order to attend job-market interviews.

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The choice to pursue an M.A. in English is a big one, and you should think carefully about your financial situation. Fully sponsored programs are available, even if they might not be easy to discover. Graduate students at many universities are eligible for financial aid, such as teaching assistantships, stipends, and tuition waivers.

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