Ellen M.cherry Delawder Memorial Scholarship

The Ellen M.Cherry Delawder Memorial Scholarship provides a new and great opportunity for students who are willing to get educated. This scholarship is linked with Howard Community College. In this, the students must have their email address for the submission of the application.

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More About Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial Scholarship:

Most of the students apply for this scholarship program while studying in the HCC and they get an incentive of scholarship easily. This opportunity is for all the students who are willing to get an education in a great place. These scholarships are based on the student’s potential and how they could deal with the facilities.

Application process:

The Ellen M.cherry Delawder Memorial Scholarship is making a great impact on students. They are helping the applicants in the subject selection and the award-winning amount will be distributed to the quality students. Here let’s discuss the process of application:

  • The deadline must be remembered so that the application form can be submitted timely.
  •  Do remember to recheck the scholarship page as sometimes changes are done for the students.
  • Personal documents like visa, passport, and citizen ID all things must be added to the form.
  • The students who are enrolled must write an essay regarding the goals of their future and expectations of the program.
  • The students must sign in through their portal as these are good enough to see.
  • The application form should be written in bold letters for proper writing.

Eligibility of scholarship:

Students must be familiar with the eligibility rules and requirements. Which documents are required so let’s discuss them:

  • The candidate must have the form of the scholarship program.
  • The minimum CGPA must be a minimum 2.0 and they should be proper in their particular field of learning.
  • As this is a need-based scholarship students must show their need so that it could be easy to decide their preferences.
  • Students must have all the documents that need to be attached.
  • Candidates should be good in their academic records.

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Address, Deadline, contact and other information:


Every scholarship amount is important for students. The amount that is awarded for scholarship is above $ 5000.

Deadline of scholarship:

This time the Scholarship is starting on April 26.2024 and will end in August 2024. The scholarship has a proper deadline so that it is easy for students to submit their applications timely. 

Contact details:

Here are the contact details for the scholarship.

Phone: 719.866.4511

Email: info@usafencing.org

Address: 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 140 Colorado Springs, CO 80907


The Ellen M. Cherry Delawder Memorial Scholarship is a great opportunity for all students who need a fully funded scholarship. These platforms make education a new way and provide all the facilities to their students who are enrolled. In the last all the scholarships and the current scholarship is helping students to make their future leaders in a new way and format.

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