Masters In Netherlands For International Students

Because of its highly rated higher education system, diverse population, and availability of degrees provided in English, the Netherlands is the best country in which to study abroad.  The Netherlands offers excellent value for money in addition to first-rate education. Living expenses and tuition are frequently lower in the Netherlands than in English-speaking countries, and the country’s college and university system has a positive reputation. Therefore masters in Netherlands for international students is a very enticing option.

Since Dutch culture is internationally oriented and English-fluent, visitors are made to feel welcome no matter where they arrive in the Netherlands.

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Leading universities in the Netherlands

Some of the world’s top colleges offers masters in Netherlands for international students. In fact, these five Dutch institutions are ranked in the top 50 by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 .

University & Research Wageningen: Situated in the middle of the country, this establishment focuses on environmental and agricultural research.  

Amsterdam University is the third-oldest university in the country and is located in the capital city of Amsterdam. The school is especially well-known for its courses in the arts, social sciences, and humanities. 

University of Utrecht: This esteemed research institute in the Netherlands welcomes thousands of international students every year with a wide range of English-taught programs.    

Technology University of Delft: It is the nation’s biggest and oldest public technical university. Delft University was established by the Royal Academy of Civil Engineers and is renowned for its construction engineering and scientific programs.  

College of Groningen:This institution, which is situated in Groningen, grants 180 degrees, both undergraduate and graduate, that are taught in English.


Your application to get admission in masters in Netherland for international students may need you to submit more paperwork.

  • Samples of your scholarly writing; letters of recommendation from professors, employers, and/or past instructors, etc.
  • Financial, private, and educational data.
  • Distinctions, honors, and other certificates.
  • IELTS, TOFEL, Dutch Language 

Documents required for a university application 

While each institution may have different criteria for applications, the majority of them ask for the following documents: 

  • A duplicate ID or passport. 
  • An image from a passport. 
  • Copies of certificates, diplomas, and/or grade lists from secondary schools completed. When in confusion, find out what is required of you by comparing degrees from other nations with Dutch certificates.  
  • Record transcript. 
  • Evidence of fluency in Dutch or English. 
  • Evidence that the application cost been paid
  • Cover letter or curriculum vitae. 
  • A letter of recommendation or more. 
  • A letter of motivation. Discover how to create an effective motivation letter by reading our post. 
  • Publication


  • For Numerus Fixus programs, January 15. 
  • 1 May for the majority of research university courses. 
  • For non-EU students, April 1.

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In addition to offering a top-notch education, studying for a masters in the Netherlands for international students offers a full cultural immersion in a country renowned for its intellectual prowess, inventiveness, and global outlook. It is recommended that foreign students investigate the many options provided by Dutch institutions and contemplate the distinct benefits of learning in this dynamic and progressive nation.

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